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Engagement Story: Jamie and Brad

On May 3, 2014, my boyfriend, Brad, and I had been dating for two years. We had recently moved from Durban to Cape Town for work and we knew we were on the way towards our next big step-marriage. But Brad had convinced me that this dream would only happen in a few months due to bad timing, but little did I know…

The Saturday morning of our anniversary, Brad phoned me and said that we should do something fun, so he came over for breakfast at my place and after this we left to go for a date at Rhodes memorial where we reminisced about how far we had come as a couple and the many adventures along the way. Brad asked if I was keen to hike up Kloof Nek (alongside Table Mountain). I love the outdoors, so I promptly agreed and we went off to have an afternoon hike. The view was just spectacular and it was a beautiful, warm day in Cape Town. The Protea flowers were all in bloom and there was just a sense of God’s greatness around us.

As we got two thirds of the way up, I noticed an envelope on the steps. I picked it up and said to Brad, “This is weird, someone left an envelope!” Brad knew that I am very curious so I just opened it up. Inside was a small piece of paper with the words, ” I love the way I feel with you and how you love adventure and Land Rovers”. I knew Brad had written this (due to the handwriting and the fact that he adores Land Rovers) and I started to cry. All this emotion was rushing through my mind and my heart was literally beating out my chest.
I enjoyed nine more envelopes all the way up to the peak, where I walked onto a layout of champagne, cheeses and crackers, as well as one final envelope. I was feeling quite overwhelmed by the beauty and breathtaking view ahead of me, not to mention opening the final envelope to find the words, “I am excited to start what’s next to come, are you?”
As I turned around to kiss Brad, there he was, on one knee, bawling his eyes out and mumbling the words, “Jamie-lee Robyn Macdonald, will you marry me?”

I burst into tears and shouted (for all of Cape Town to hear) “YES YES YES!” and I scrambled into his arms to love the one my soul adores.

Just before I started to weep some more, Brad said, “We have paparazzi,” and there behind us was Mike and Andrea, who captured the priceless moment and were able to celebrate our happiness with us.

The cherry on the top was when Brad said we should go watch the sunset on Camps Bay beach before we announced our engagement to our friends. To my utter disbelief, shock, and excitement, we walked over this boulder to find 40 of our closest friends shouting, “Congratulations!” It was amazing for an engagement party to go undercover and I was blown away by the love and support shown to us. It was the best day of my life with Brad (so far) and it has been a whirlwind of buzz!