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Bridal Fantasy produces the largest wedding fairs in Western Canada! We offer couples a community of exhibitors to help curate their “perfect” lifestyle and plan their dream wedding, honeymoon, marriage, and more.

Bridal Fantasy: The Spring 2021 Fashion Edition is being turned on its head! We know that there’s still love in a pandemic and so many of you are bravely forging ahead; planning your dream day while trying to figure out all these restrictions. So, we’re excited to announce that we’re going virtual!

We can’t wait to talk all about makeup, gab about gowns, and so much more! Stay tuned as we reveal more event details.

Thousands of couples and many of their friends and family come to our exclusive events, making Bridal Fantasy the perfect destination for professionals to gain exposure. And with so many couples feeling lost while trying to plan a wedding during a pandemic, this is your opportunity to show them that you’re still here and you’re ready to get involved in their special day.

Gain online exposure through the Bridal Fantasy Exhibitor Page. You’ll provide couples with a short description about your business, an image that represents your brand, and links to your social media pages and website. Bridal Fantasy works to promote community members on all platforms to ensure that your brand is known. Stay tuned for more details or get in touch with us to make sure we know you’re ready to get involved!

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