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The peak of any wedding ceremony is the honeymoon destination. This is where both of you get the chance to enjoy your newly found love life. Therefore, it has to be perfect. After several daunting months of wedding preparations, a honeymoon is the best reward for couples. It may be the first exotic getaway for both of you, which sounds heartwarming until you get to the task of planning it from scratch. We did in-depth research on honeymoons and spoke to seasoned experts in the field to give you a few tips on how to plan your unique getaway.

The wedding planning process is anything but easy. However, with the right help, you will have a smoother time preparing for your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ day. To ensure that every fine detail falls into place, you need to take your time and put in all your dedication. This not only applies to the wedding but also the honeymoon. A simple oversight can cost you a lot by ruining everything. Nonetheless, the effort you put into the preparations usually pays off ultimately.

While it is easy to be mixed up and carried away with the selection of the wedding venue, catering services, attires, décor, and invitations, do not forget to fix your honeymoon plan in your circuit. Although not as laborious as the wedding plan, it still needs a good amount of planning, which means your time and attention. Remember, this is your first getaway as a married couple and a chance to create life-long memories – in case you forgot that point. Nevertheless, we have you covered with the following insightful tips that we hope will make a difference: 

1. The early bird….

Starting the preparations early is imperative to have the best honeymoon. Nothing forces you to make poor decisions like a last-minute rush. The worst-case scenario is when the last minute falls next to a high-peak holiday season.

If you are planning to go to a high-end resort or hotel, you need to start booking as early as 6-8 months beforehand. Such places have a massive flow of clients, and you know what they say – the early bird catches the worm.

The advantage of booking early means that you can land on budget-friendly rates before the peak season. This does not only apply to the hotels and resorts, but also the flights, or any other means of transport that you want to use.

2. Two minds work best

Being a couple means that you are two in one. Most of the decisions, even after the wedding, will need both of your contributions. Therefore, avoid planning for the honeymoon alone. Get your partner and share ideas on where you can travel and get the time of your lives.

Making the decision together creates a good practice for your future as a married couple. Create random questions about what an ideal honeymoon destination looks like and attempt to answer as a unit. If not, seek the help of a travel advisor, who will assist you land on the perfect getaway.

3. Create a budget first

Having a wedding in the first place is quite costly.  It can be overwhelming when you have to raise an extra amount for the honeymoon. However, on the bright side, both are fulfilling, fun, and enjoyable.

It is crucial to work under a budget so that you do not end up straining too much. The flight costs and accommodation are the main expenses on your shoulders. However, you will still have to cater to other charges during your honeymoon. One good practice is to draft every possible expense and leave a slot for the miscellaneous costs that you may encounter during the trip.

4. Avoid a ‘copy-paste.’

Although another couple might have immense fun on their honeymoon getaway, this is no reason to copy everything they did. However, exhausting planning your honeymoon may seem to be, never use another couple’s criterion to make your choices. They might have enjoyed their stay and had a blast, but nothing guarantees you will. People have distinct interests and preferences, which you need to center on yourselves. Someone else’s moon is not yours – plain and simple.

5. Ask, friends & family are the best resources

Yes, Google and any other search engine can show you great places to visit for your honeymoon. However, you might be shocked on arrival at your destination. Sometimes different websites can paint a beautiful picture when the real destination does not match the description online. To get a better view or understanding of reality, try asking some of your friends and relatives who have visited these places. They have firsthand experience of how everything looks like in reality.

If you don’t have friends or relatives who have visited the specific area you are scouting, then consider a travel agent or adviser. They have the experience and expertise to advise on the right places to visit.

Conversely, rely more on videos rather than pictures when searching online. Videos tend to give you a better feel and experience of the place before you head there. If the destination offers virtual reality on their website, the better it is for you to find out how the site looks like exactly.

6. Know what you will do there

Well, you have settled on the ultimate destination for your honeymoon, now comes the crucial part – what to do there?

Have a few activities in mind, which you can do together when you are at your honeymoon destination. Both of you equally need to get other things you can do together, which may include your hobbies.

7 Have a basis for the trip

It is not just a honeymoon getaway. This is what people know and see, but there is more to what meets the eye. A honeymoon is not one of those vacations you go out with friends or family and have fun independently, leaving others in their hotel rooms. In this arrangement, you are going as a couple and, spending time is for both of you. Never go there and start going on your ventures and, at the expense of spending time with your partner.

We hope that the tips above will prove meaningful and assist you to come up with the ultimate honeymoon, as envisioned in your dreams.

About the Author


Scott Mathews is a seasoned uk essay writer who creates killer papers. He currently offers dissertation help to students and is among the top writers based on the edubirdie review. Scott Mathews contributes his writings to tutors and students. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and visiting new places. He is a passionate enthusiast of education and development.

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Darryl & Jarod | Luxe Wedding Tue, 21 Jan 2020 16:55:26 +0000 The post Darryl & Jarod | Luxe Wedding appeared first on Bridal Fantasy.


Groom | Darryl

Groom | Jared

Wedding Date  November 17, 2018


Photographer: Inije Photography / Videographer: Klasik Kreatives / Wedding Planner: D’Concierge Wedding / Wedding Coordinator: Elly B Events / Wedding Ceremony Venue: The River Oaks Garden Club / Wedding Reception Venue: The Hendrix, Houston, Texas / Groom’s Attire: Olympus Styling / Officiant: Diann Valentine / Decor: Décor 2 Remember, What’s the Occasion Linens & Décor / Florals: 19 Eleven Events / Stationary: Oda Creative / Caterer: Chef K Micheal / Lighting: LG Entertainment / Dance Floor: Lace Vinyl Dance Floor / Singer: Leela James / DJ: One Sound Entertainment, DJ Young Streetz, DJ Chris Thomas / Violinist: Bridgid Bibbens / Ballerina Performer: Nessaja / Poet: JEN THE Poet

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Weddings are joyous celebrations of love and each year there are many distinct trends that can be seen during these celebrations. The wedding industry and its trends are forever evolving with time.

As the new decade arrives, so too come new wedding trends for the year ahead. In the list below we will explore some of the biggest wedding trends that we will see in 2020. There are many new styles, themes, approaches, colours, and details expected to be seen during this year’s celebrations of love.

So whether you are planning your 2020 wedding entirely last minute, or have all the time in the world, the list below will enlighten you on all the latest wedding trends.

1. Sustainable Weddings

Although sustainability is more than a mere trend, these days many couples are putting more effort and thought into sustainable practices for their special day. Green weddings are on the rise and the planet couldn’t be happier! There are many sustainable approaches to weddings that are massively growing in popularity, such as include committing to zero waste, reducing the wedding’s carbon footprint, supporting local and sustainable vendors, banning single-use plastics, and holding the ceremony and reception at one venue. Another great idea is instead of arranging party favours, thank guests by making a donation to a specific charity. Woodhall Manor also suggest sending online invitations, opt for food suppliers who use ingredients that are locally sourced and purchasing a dress that has been pre-loved.

In 2020, more and more of the people involved in bringing weddings to life will shift the way they think and work to favour a more environmentally-friendly approach. So many eco-friendly options have emerged for couples and they will be seen at many weddings throughout 2020.

2. Colourful Weddings 

Colour will be everything in 2020! Expect the new year to bring about fresh pops of colour, exciting palettes, print mixing, and statement hues that weddings haven’t seen before. There is a big shift from traditional palettes and instead, a lot of sunset palettes are to be expected — think rich peaches, deep fuchsia, warm reds, and vibrant corals. Colour will be used boldly and personally. So if you love one particular colour, use it in full force rather than peppering it about sparingly.

Greenery is still highly popular, but this wedding decor trend is getting a colorful makeover in 2020. Spray-painted greenery, branches, and grasses are adding texture and pops of unnatural colour (such as neon, frosted pastels, and metallics) to arrangements and bouquets. Dip-dyed petals are also a new way to add an unexpected and beautiful pop of colour into your decor plans.

3. Bright Weddings

A focus on lighting is another 2020 wedding trend that is set to explode. The fun lighting options that are available these days are endless – from hanging installations, striking chandeliers, to tube lighting and LED bars. Lights will be used for weddings in 2020 to make a statement and enhance the feeling of your special day – such as dancing with a light show or strings of fairy lights in a concentrated area to highlight a specific space. Candlelight is also still on-trend for creating intimate and romantic vibes too.

4. Mystical Weddings

Spiritual and mystical elements are appearing more and more at weddings. Ceremonies are becoming more communal and inclusive with interactive gestures and blessings that involve the guests in the couple’s exchange of vows. Come 2020, more feel-good energy can be expected in weddings, be it in the ceremony, the decor, or the entertainment. Cleansing the energy of wedding venues and honeymoon suits is becoming an essential task on many brides’ to-do lists.

It is also trending to cleanse any gems and stones used in wedding rings. Guests are also now being asked to pass around the wedding rings to imbue them with good energy and well wishes. Spirituality is also entering the wedding world in 2020 through wellness-focused showers and bachelorette events, tablescapes involving raw crystals, and after-party activities like fortunetelling and tarot card reading.

5. Interactive Weddings

Couples are starting to really think about the guest’s experience at their wedding. Creating moments that are memorable is what’s key for 2020 weddings. The reception is no longer about sitting down and eating a three-course meal. Instead, couples are looking to get their guests in on the action and have them take part in some fun, unexpected things. A self-service bar is hugely popular as it gives guests something to do and can save on needing additional bartenders. Interactive and personalised food options creatively served are also becoming more and more popular.


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Olivia & Raymond | Real Engagement Story

“You know when I asked which day would be the best day of the trip? Well this is it….Will you marry me?”

How long have you been together?

2+ years but have known each other since 2011

Tell us how and where you met:

We met at MacEwan University in Edmonton while studying international business together. We started doing group projects together and became friends that way.

How did you know it was the right time?

After both of us got out of relationships we started hanging out more with our mutual friends and decided to go on hikes. We went to Waterton National Park to do the famous crypt lake hike and it went from there!

Tell us about the proposal! Was it a surprise? 

We had planned a big month long trip to Europe over a year ago. After he had passed his big CFE accountant test we had talked about taking next steps in our relationship. Before our trip he had sent me pictures of a place that he suggested we go check out in Sorrento, Italy. During the trip he wouldn’t let me look into his backpack so I knew something was up. As we got closer to Sorrento he told me that he had booked a fancy lunch at a Michelin star restaurant so I had to dress nice that day. So the day came and things got to obvious. He was telling me what to wear and how I should do my hair.

When we got to Bagni della Regina Giovanna, I saw a guy from afar taking pictures. As we got closer I knew that he was there to take photos of us. We got to the cliff and my fiancee said “It’s really nice here! let’s take a photo!” so he walks up to the photographer and asks him to take a photo of us with his phone but then the photographer replies “Oh actually i’m a photographer so I can take a photo with this camera and e-mail it to you after” so we begin to pose and my Fiancee gets down on one knee and says “You know when I asked which day would be the best day of the trip? Well this is it….Will you marry me?” I honestly didn’t know how to respond cause I knew it was going to happen, but actually having it happen in reality hit me and I froze and started tearing up.

What are you most excited about for in your future together? 

We’re super excited to plan our wedding and have a lot of fun things in store! We’re working hard to save up for a bigger house together to live with our dog Hammy!

Is there anything else you would love to share? 

We’re getting married at the JW Marriott in Edmonton, AB in Aug 2020.

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Do You Really Need to Lose Weight? Wed, 01 Jan 2020 22:58:17 +0000 The post Do You Really Need to Lose Weight? appeared first on Bridal Fantasy.

As a Bariatric Specialist, patients and colleagues often ask me about tips/tricks to achieve fat loss. It’s important to first ask the key question: Should I be trying to lose weight? The answer is ambivalently yes/no. If yes, it is imperative not to proceed without a comprehensive support system. BMI (Body Mass Index) is a quantitative index used to categorize an individual’s mass as “normal”, “overweight”, or “obese”. Most people in the Overweight category (BMI 25 – 29.9) or the Obese category (BMI >30), believe that weight loss will be good for them … surprisingly not in every case! Most people who are trying to lose weight do so with a primary goal of improving self-image above optimizing health. Excess weight increases pre-disposition for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and liver complications. If left untreated, these conditions develop into life-threatening diseases. All persons with BMI>25 should have a comprehensive physical and thorough screening for weight-associated health conditions. However, many people with a BMI >25 have no signs of weight-related health problems, and can actually remain healthy over the long term. There is little doubt that losing extra fat would make these people healthier. The hurdle is that long-term weight loss is an extremely difficult endeavour. The majority of people who lose weight regain it (and sometimes more). This is known as weight cycling; losing and gaining weight several times over the course of a lifetime, which has adverse effects on metabolic health. Also, it most certainly has negative psychological effects. People who have weight cycled often harbor feelings of shame and hopelessness, low body image, and tend to be socially withdrawn. I typically encourage relatively healthy, overweight patients to shift their focus away from weight loss and toward healthier living. Choose to engage in healthy habits such as becoming more active, eating more vegetables and fewer refined foods. The big player is getting adequate sleep, which will improve health at any weight. Many people who carry extra weight have difficulty accepting that weight loss is not required for better health and well-being. Nutritional, physical and psychological support from a dedicated team of professionals WILL be helpful. For people who have weight-related health issues, focusing on weight maintenance is the healthier option to promote overall well-being. When a person loses weight by making changes to diet and exercise patterns, changes occur within the body that resists further weight loss and actually encourage weight gain. Hormones that signal hunger increase and fewer calories are burned. Modifications to appetite and metabolism do not diminish with time. If you have been successful in shedding and sustaining weight, your efforts are commended! If you or your physician thinks that you would benefit from additional sustained weight reduction, you have options. It may be time to seek additional support and programs which offer a comprehensive approach including mental health optimization, obesity medication, or bariatric surgery. Invest in your life; invest in your health – because you are worth it.


Dr. Sarah Chapelsky, MD, FRCPC (GIM) – Bariatric Internist – FH Medical

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Weddings by nature are stressful. But it helps to know how to keep a level head throughout the wedding process.  Weddings are emotional reckonings and will set off triggers, if you have not dealt with your issue beforehand I’m here to help. Be prepared for all of the hidden emotions to surface to the top.  Family and Friend relationships will be tested, Everyone will have an opinion on what you should wear, what colours to wear, how to smile, how to stand, how to say I DO!

So, how do you keep calm and carry on when things don’t go as planned for your wedding day or the days leading up to it? Here are a few tips to keeping that level head that makes for a happier wedding day.

Acknowledge that things can go wrong

There’s no way around it. Even with the best-laid plans, things can go wrong. So, if you acknowledge that your day may not go exactly as you wanted, then you are less likely to lose your cool on the day.  I’m not saying to be pessimistic. Just acknowledge that the wedding process may not go according to plan. When you do this, you can tackle any issue that arises, and know when to leave those that cannot be solved. I encourage you to ask your friends and or family members about their wedding disasters. A few many even share that those things that went “wrong” made memories they will be able to share with their children. So don’t be afraid of not having THE PERFECT wedding.

Get help

Very simple advice. Hire a team of dynamic professionals that understand your vision and you trust will give you best planning experience you could ever imagine.

Finally, don’t forget the big picture

At the end of the day, just focus on what matters – that this is just a stepping stone to spending the rest of your life with the person you love. You will find yourself disagreeing with each other during this process and understand that totally normal.  There may be a point where you question if want to go through with the wedding. If you find yourself going down that road STOP the wedding planning process for about two weeks and just focus on each other.  During my very own wedding planning process when I allowed our guest’s list or timeline planning create tension I found myself going back to old text messages, emails, and love notes given to me during our time together and those reminded why I fell in love and wanted to create an amazing future together. 

Author | Darryl L. Wilson Jr.

The Wedding Concierge  – D’Concierge Wedding Planning

D’Concierge combines the perfect mélange of chic, elegance, and bold creativity fused with energetic ideas customized to the bride’s total satisfaction. After graduating high school and finishing up his freshman year of undergrad Darryl Wilson Jr. had his life mapped out. The plan was to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the Navy Branch of the Armed Forces, serve 25 years and retire. But a special occasion altered the course of events and changed Wilson’s life forever. “GOD had a different blueprint for me,” Wilson says. It wasn’t until after planning his mother’s wedding to my step father 16 years ago that he realized the exceptional talent he had.” Talented but not yet confident, Wilson struggled to see how he could take his talent and craft a successful career in wedding planning. “At the time the wedding and event industry was predominately ran by females, and there were not many men of color in the limelight making strides in the wedding industry,” says Wilson. As his confidence began to grow, his LIFE long goal has become to change the dynamics of the industry by curating one love story at a time!

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Kayla & Jackson | Engagement Story Tue, 31 Dec 2019 16:57:03 +0000 The post Kayla & Jackson | Engagement Story appeared first on Bridal Fantasy.


Kayla & Jackson | Real Engagement Story

“I am most excited to call him my husband and

build a strong family with him as my anchor.”

How long have you been together?

10.5 Years

Tell us how and where you met:

Jackson and I met in our Jr. High School Ottewell and it was our Grade 7 homeroom, first day as a new kid where Jackson spotted me. He had his mind made up almost immediately that he wanted to date me this frazzled, late newcomer! I, on the other hand, was not so sure about this strong and somewhat intimidating young man, and made him wait three painstaking years!

How did you know it was the right time?

Jackson and I were both young dreamers, about to graduate from Jr. High. We had known about each other and the “feelings” one another shared for three years and just decided to try and see where things went before we entered the scary unknown of high-school!

Tell us about the proposal! Was it a surprise? 

I was certain Jackson would NOT be able to surprise me, since at that time we had been together 9 years, and had talked about marriage A LOT. I was wrong. Jackson took me to a favourite spot of his at Jasper park lodge looking out on the mountains. We went for a walk around the lake with his dad and youngest brother but had to turn back due to the mud at the time. Jackson’s brother and father were falling behind whilst he and I trudged ahead back to the lodge. I kept telling Jackson that we needed to slow down since they kept falling further and further behind. He kept telling me “It’s fine we will wait for them at the end of the path.” I had other ideas and eventually stopped on the trail and told him we HAD to wait. I turned around to see how far back his dad and brother were, and when I went to turn back around to exclaim how much distance we created, there he was, on one knee and I was in shock!

What are you most excited about for in your future together? 

I am most excited to call him my husband and build a strong family with him as my anchor.

Is there anything else you would love to share? 

This man has been with me literally through EVERYTHING. We have grown up, matured, and continued to fall in love more and more everyday. I would not be the woman I am today without him and I cannot wait to spend the next 100 years with him.

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Save The Date With The City of Edmonton Sun, 01 Dec 2019 21:43:38 +0000 The post Save The Date With The City of Edmonton appeared first on Bridal Fantasy.


Looking for a unique and elegant venue to host your magical moment? The City of Edmonton offers a number of facilities to suit your tastes and fit your budget. From regal ballroom elegance to nature’s own backdrop, our various options will take your breath away and help you to create a day that will be remembered forever!

1. Alfred H. Savage Centre

Conveniently located in Whitemud Park next to the beauty of Edmonton’s river valley, the Alfred H. Savage Centre serves as a hub for community rentals and events. No matter the occasion, the wide, naturally lit space of the Aspen Room is suitable for anything from meetings, to corporate retreats, to small weddings, and more. The Aspen Room seats 175 non-fixed seating, and 109 for dining and beverages.

2. Rundle Family Centre 

Celebrate your special day amongst the beauty of the outdoors, in Edmonton’s River Valley at the Rundle Family Centre. When it comes to your special day location is everything! Choose between the City of Edmonton’s wide range of rental facilities to plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of having. The main hall seats 270

3. Prince of Wales Armouries

Host your special day in one of Edmonton’s most unique historical venues, the Prince of Wales Armouries. Traditional 19th Century elegance and architecture reflective of a bygone era awaits you at the Prince of Wales Armouries, located at 10440 – 108 Avenue. The Armouries historic elegance will be something your guests will talk about for years to come.

4. Muttart Conservatory

Celebrate your special day at the Muttart Conservatory. Imagine exchanging your vows in our Feature Pyramid surrounded by such flowers as cyclamens, tulips, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums or poinsettias. Have your pictures taken in the Tropical Pyramid using the tranquil waterfall as your backdrop. With four different pyramids to choose from (Feature, Tropical, Temperate and Arid), you’ll find one that matches the wedding of your dreams.

5. Edmonton Valley Zoo

Weddings are magical and unforgettable moments. Host your special occasion in one of our rooms or sheltered picnic site at the Edmonton Zoo! Your guests can enjoy the unique views of otters playing during your event or get to mingle and discover our other zoo residents.


 You can view more City of Edmonton Venues here

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10 Reasons You May Want to Consider a Wedding Planner Wed, 13 Nov 2019 17:33:35 +0000 The post 10 Reasons You May Want to Consider a Wedding Planner appeared first on Bridal Fantasy.


Weddings are surrounded by many traditions, but every bride can host a wedding that’s unique to her. Every choice from what venue you book to what food you serve changes the feel of the wedding and makes it more you, but the planning of it all can begin to stack up.

That’s why you should think about hiring a wedding planner. They’ll require some space in your budget, but they’re worth the extra money. Here are ten reasons you may want to consider a wedding planner and why they’ll make your wedding an easier and more enjoyable event.

1. They Wear Different Hats

Planning your wedding is about more than setting up your catering menu. You’ll need to sign contracts, come up with interior designs and act as the main coordinator for your vendors. Your wedding planner can do all that and more for you, since they’re trained to wear different hats and let you just enjoy the ride.

2. They Have Experience

A good wedding planner will have plenty of experience planning weddings of all sizes. They’ll know how to handle both the planning and the last-minute emergencies that always arise. They won’t be phased by anything that comes up, so you’ll have a steady hand to guide you.

3. They Can Be Flexible

There’s much more to planning a wedding than you might think, which is why wedding planners are flexible. Take your time while you browse through different kinds of planners, since they’ll all have different skills. Talk with the ones you like and see if they’ll work with your budget and wedding dreams.

4. They’ll Stretch Your Budget

You know the budget you have to work with, but a planner will stretch it even further by negotiating with venues and businesses to get you the most value for your money.

5. They’ll Change Your Decor

The right planner will also know how to personalize your decor and signs, so your big day looks gorgeous without going over budget.

6. They Review Your Contracts

Reading your contracts is essential, but that can be mind-numbing. A planner will know what to look for regarding how many hours you’re renting a venue for, what services you get and what you’re legally responsible for while you’re there.

7. They’ll Get You Discounts

Every time they plan an event, wedding planners strengthen their relationships with nearby businesses. That means you’ll enjoy discounts that wouldn’t be available if you dealt with the businesses on your own.

8. They Pull Your Wedding Together

You may have the little details of your wedding thought out, but a planner will pull it all together. They’ll take what you prefer and know how to use your venue, how many tables you’ll need and how much food you’ll need to order to make your wedding a success.

9. They Flip Your Venue

After your ceremony, your venue may need to be flipped to transform it into a dance floor and dinner area. Your planner will handle that for you, so you can get your pictures taken during cocktail hour and not have to rush back to set anything up.

10. They Keep Calm

After your ceremony, your venue may need to be flipped to transform it into a dance floor and dinner area. Your planner will handle that for you, so you can get your pictures taken during cocktail hour and not have to rush back to set anything up.

They Change Your Wedding Experience

Planning your own wedding takes time and money, but you can save on both of those things by hiring a wedding planner. They’ll change your wedding experience into one that’s much more enjoyable, all while reducing your overall costs and helping you make incredible memories.

About the Author


Kacey Bradley is the blogger behind The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. She has been able to fully embrace herself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations and cultures, all while portraying her love for the world around her through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing and inspiring posts. Along with writing for her blog, she has written for sites like U.S. News, SUCCESS, Ruffled, and more!

Follow Kacey on Twitter and subscribe to her blog to keep up with her travels and inspiring posts!

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Our whole lives are relationships. Love accordingly. Sat, 09 Nov 2019 09:06:52 +0000 The post Our whole lives are relationships. Love accordingly. appeared first on Bridal Fantasy.


Our whole lives are relationships. Belly laughs — the ones you remember years afterwards when you’re driving down a quiet road by yourself or comparing your dim day to the shine of your past — those belly laughs only happen with friends. No one laughs that deep, long, and hard by themselves. That riot of joy takes relating.

The surest soothing of your despair… relationships. How your friend reframed your neuroses to show you that you’re not crazy, you’ve got survival instincts. How they pretend not to notice your inner ugliness — and heal you in the pretending. How they stay so steady with their gaze that the illusions you’ve been nursing dry up and float away.

Our whole lives are relationships. Emergency texting. Solutions that were designed just for you in the bowl of someone else’s heart. The 200 bucks before rent day that saved it all. Persistent love over years that one day melts you into your true self. Relationships.

Helping you pack up your life. On speed dial. Bottomless encouragement. There when you expected them to give up. Taller than your doubts. Seeing what you can’t. Protecting your tenderness. Big enough to fill your abyss. Rescued. Again.

Shouting, holding, dancing it out, smoking it up, pitching tents, constructing ideals, directing determination. That voicemail you save. Presence. The things they hand down to you.

I got your favourite. I transferred the money. F – that. You got this. You’re more than you think you are — believe me if you can’t believe yourself.

Our whole lives are relationships. So reach out and keep going in. If you have to choose between flying overseas to see your friends and painting the house this summer — choose your friends. Remember the day. Go to the wedding. Read them the poem. Check in. Forget the deadline and working over time to please people who will never make you feel as good as your real friends. Remember — and do something about it.

When you’re laying on your back watching the stars some very rare night, you won’t be thinking about the car you worked to buy or the blog post you stayed home from the party to write. You’re going to recall the people who got woven into your heart and helped you paint your apartment. You’re going to long for the magic of knowing so much without saying a word. You’re going to wish you had taken more holiday time to hang with them. You’re going to wish you’d stayed up later and extended your stay to ask them more questions about anything at all. You’ll wish you’d gone out dancing.

Our whole lives are relationships. Love accordingly.

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The Desire Map Licensing Program is a ready-made business with soul. It could be the first step towards your financial independence. It could be the additional revenue stream that changes everything. And it WILL change lives. No experience or certification necessary. Open to coaches, yoga teachers, healers, wellness professionals and entrepreneurial types of all kinds.

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An inspirational speaker, poet, former think tank exec and business strategist, Danielle LaPorte offers a unique blend of no-nonsense spirituality and advice. Her best-selling books, The Firestarter Sessions and The Desire Map, and her website offers strategies for creating goals with soul and building a life of desire. Named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by Forbes, Danielle LaPorte offers poetic motivation from the heart. |

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