Flying with Formal Wear: How to Travel and Pack Your Wedding Day Clothes

While you’re planning your wedding, one of the biggest responsibilities you have to do is pick out what you’ll wear on your wedding day. There are colors and styles to choose from that you may not have thought about before, but with time you’ll come to make your final decision.

After you’re done celebrating that you know what you’ll wear, it’s time to think about how your clothes will get to your wedding. Will you be driving to your venue or flying out to a destination?

Don’t wait until the last minute to learn how to travel with your wedding clothes. Read about these easy tips you can use so your formal wear looks its best on your big day.

Call Your Airline

There are pros and cons to flying with formal wear, so take advantage of the biggest benefit. Once you’ve bought your tickets or know which airline you’re flying with, call them and ask how they handle large but delicate luggage.

Talk with them about your specific clothing and how you expect to pack it. Does it need to be hung or laid out flat? They may be able to work with you on loading it separately so you don’t need to put it in a suitcase.

Invest in a Garment Bag

No matter how you travel with your wedding clothes, you have to invest in a garment bag. It’s the safest way to protect your clothes while you’re on the road. If you’ll be putting liquids in the same bag, like shampoo or hairspray, the garment bag will protect your clothes from stains.

A garment bag will also prevent any smells from attaching to your clothes. This is invaluable for formal wear, since you most likely won’t be able to wash your clothes after you travel.

Before you buy one, read about popular garment bags to see all your options. Some have features that make them easier to carry or pack, which will change how you travel.

Fold the Backseat Down

An easy way to travel with your wedding clothes if you’re driving is to fold the backseat down. A folded seat gives you plenty of space to lay out your formal wear and prevent it from wrinkling. Just be sure that nothing shifts on top of the clothes as you drive or gets packed on top of it. The safest method may be to lower the backseat, load up what you need and lay your clothes over the top.

De-Wrinkle Your Suit

Even if you try your best to keep your suit wrinkle-free during travel, it may end up with small wrinkles here and there when you unpack. That’s when you’ll want to turn on your hotel shower. As the bathroom fills with steam, hang your suit upside down from clip hangers. The waistband will pull the wrinkles out as the steam softens the fabric. Remove the suit from the bathroom before it gets wet.

Steam Your Dress

You can steam your wedding dress in the bathroom just like a suit, but there should be a little extra precaution. Certain wedding dresses can’t be steamed because they’re made with particular fabrics that don’t respond well to the steam. Brides that are traveling with chiffon, taffeta or crepe fabrics should have them lightly pressed instead.

Call Your Garment Supplier

When it comes down to it, if you have any questions about how to treat your formal clothes, call the business you bought them from. You’ll be immediately in touch with professionals who work with those fabrics for a living. If they don’t have the answer to your questions, they’ll know a business you can call instead.

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