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Get Fit for the Wedding Season!

Whether you are headed to a wedding, headed down the aisle yourself, or taking a summer off from weddings, it is time to get fit for summer! Actually, let’s be real here. It is time to get fit for life! You have heard it time and time again that it is completely about a lifestyle choice and change – that is how you get fittest, right? Well, we are here to help make sure that happens for you!

Get Fit for the Wedding Season BF BlogWe suggest eating healthier. Yes, I know, easier said than done, right? The easiest way we have found is to try new things out. Look for new recipes and ways to use the ingredients you already love! Or, find new, healthier ways to make the same delicious dishes you already adore! For example, using half-and-half cream instead of full whipping cream to make that Alfredo sauce. Or instead of using starch noodles, use zucchini noodles instead. This can cut down on calories and carbs, but not necessarily cut the taste you love.

Another suggestion we have is to work out. Again, we know, it is way easier said than done. But we have a few tips for you. Our favourite thing to do is join a new fitness class. OrangeTheory, kickboxing, aquasize, barre, anything that forces you to get out and do something. If you schedule yourself one class of something a week, you are more likely to go than if you just “plan to go to the gym”. Plus, you get to try new things, and that is always a good time.

We also suggest getting a step counter of some kind. FitBit, Nike Fuel Band, even an app on your phone can make all the difference. If you know that your steps are being counted, you are automatically more aware of how sedentary you are being. You will find yourself finding excuses to get up and walk around, and you won’t mind having to make that extra trip to bring in groceries, just to meet your step goal!

Our biggest recommendation though is to not go it alone. Find a friend or partner who you can share this with. Talk to them when you have a bad craving, or share healthy recipes that have worked for you. Find someone to take these classes with or go to the gym with. Hold each other accountable! It is the easiest way to stay on top of things!