Go Virtual with These 4 Pre-Wedding Events

So you just got engaged and you want to celebrate, but the current pandemic has put a damper on any celebrations you might want to host? Think again! Thanks to technology, you can take the party online and still share your happiness with friends and family. Virtual pre-wedding events are a great way to include people from far and wide and are much less expensive than throwing a party in real life.

Pre-Wedding Events That Can Go Virtual

Engagement Party

You’ve managed to complete the first task on your marriage journey – the proposal! Now it’s time to throw a party to celebrate, but social distancing is still in place. Organize an online party to share the good news with everyone! Order in your favourite foods, pop a bottle of champagne and gather your closest friends and family in an online chatroom to celebrate.

If you still have closer family members who haven’t heard the news, host a separate party to share the news without bombarding them with the business of a chat full of your friends. If you’re planning on sharing the news with a lot of people, try to break them down into smaller groups so you can have time to interact with everyone in the chat.

Bridal Shower

Many bridal parties are already starting to adapt their events to be an online affair. Bridal showers are an easy transition as the whole point of the event is to celebrate with all the important ladies in your life and receive gifts.

For anyone who would still like to send a physical gift, make sure that they have your address to send it and be sure that all the gifts have arrived before the party date. Invite everyone to join you online while you open gifts! You can also plan to play some party games with your guests, but make sure that they are sent any supplies they may need prior to your event date.

Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

We know that nothing can replace the magic of an in-person bachelor or bachelorette party, but some bridal parties are preparing to take the final fling celebrations online. While this isn’t ideal, it can still be a fun and memorable event for everyone!

Start by making a guest list. Choose a small group of friends that you know will bring the party no matter how far away they may be. Once you’ve got your list made, create a plan for your party. If you’re choosing a theme, send out a list of suggested items for your guests to purchase pre-party or send them each a care package with the items so you can add a personal touch.

Select a few fun activities you can do virtually, such as watching a movie on Netflix and playing a drinking game, having a dance party with a shared Spotify playlist, or play virtual bachelor or bachelorette games. The possibilities are endless on what you can choose to do, so choose something that reflects the bride or groom and what they enjoy!

Planning & Décor Parties

If you want to involve a few of your VIP’s in the planning and décor stages of your wedding, why not consider having a virtual planning party to chat all the pretty details? Invite your nearest and dearest to a virtual chat where you can sip wine while discussing wedding colours, catering, playlists, and more. You can send out an online poll prior to the event to ask what everyone’s opinion is on topics you’re struggling with. You don’t have to love all their suggestions, but it can be helpful to see things from someone else’s perspective! If you want to get more into the DIY décor side, send out a list of craft supplies for your party to get (or send them a care package with all the goodies they need). Grab some drinks and get crafting! Even if you’re far away, crafting is so much more fun in a group. Just remember that not every piece will be perfect, and while they may not make it as a centrepiece on your wedding day, it’s still good to have a giggle!

No matter what kind of pre-wedding events you may be planning to have, consider turning them into virtual events so you can have more friends and family attend!

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