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Green Ideas for an Eco-friendly Wedding – Shannon Lochwood

For couples who are committed to green living, planning an eco-conscious wedding does not have to be a difficult task. This is because there are so many options to choose from when it comes to green weddings. If you’re a bride or groom-to-be and you are concerned about the environmental impact of your wedding day, here are a few helpful ideas on how to plan the wedding of your dreams while also demonstrating your commitment to protecting the Earth.

  1. Think Green

When it comes to planning an eco-friendly wedding, some of the first things to consider are the basics of green living. Concepts including eliminating pollution, conserving energy, as well as the popular reduce, reuse and recycle can all help you plan a wedding that does little to no harm on the environment. For instance, you can reduce the number of guests that you invite to the wedding and opt for a smaller, more intimate affair which can help to lower the carbon emissions that a larger group would have caused due to traveling.

Also, when it comes to reusing items you can find new purposes for old things. You can use all types of items as décor in a wedding which helps to prevent unnecessary waste. For instance, incorporate items that you have laying around the house and use them as inspiration instead of purchasing new items. Such small steps go a long way towards conserving Earth’s natural resources. Decor such as mason’s jars, wood from the backyard, upcycled furniture, or even empty cans can all be transformed into beautiful decorations in a wedding. One fun way to include recycling into a wedding is to wear eco-friendly wedding rings which are made of recycled materials. The key to green thinking is to to be as creative as possible by choosing the greenest option during every step of the wedding planning process.

  1. Choose an Eco-Friendly Venue & Vendors

By far location, vendor and supplier selection will all have the largest impact on the environment when it comes to preparing a wedding. First, the wedding’s venue, especially if it’s indoors, will require an immense amount of energy to include lighting, cooling, heating and access to water to keep guests comfortable. The same holds true for preparing and cooking large meals for guests. As such, when it comes to eco-friendly weddings one of the first things to do is to start is by choosing a location and caterers who are already committed to saving the planet.

For instance, choose venues that are committed to eco-conscious business operations and who have already taken the necessary measures to ensure their location has minimal impact on the environment. For example, the venue could be LEED certified which means the space has been deemed environmentally sustainable. Additionally, for food preparation opt for vendors who are committed to local, organically grown ingredients. This will ensure less pollution from toxic pesticides has been released into the atmosphere and it will also reduce the carbon footprint required to transport ingredients from far away locations. When it comes to suppliers, such as those who create your invitations for instance, also choose eco-friendly companies who want to protect the planet. Try invitations and thank you notes that have been made from recycled paper or simply send electronic messages which will ensure less trees are cut down to produce your stationary.

  1. Options for Greenery & Flowers

One other great way to plan a green wedding is to opt for potted plants instead of cut flowers for your centerpieces or bouquet. While fresh flowers are the traditional go-to option for weddings, couples who are committed to an eco-conscious lifestyle may find it more fulfilling to ensure plants and flowers are kept intact. What’s even more great about this idea is that after the wedding has ended guests can be gifted with their very own plant to take home and care for! However, if using fresh flowers is still on the to-do list a much greener option is to choose domestically grown flowers which do not require long transportation distances.

So, while wedding planning does require much thought and effort, you do not have to leave out your commitment to a green lifestyle when it comes to your special day. Try any of these helpful tips for planning your eco-friendly wedding—a day that all will remember while you also protect the planet!

Written By: Shannon Lockwood