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Healthy Hair For Your Wedding: Damage Control

Unhealthy hair is one of women’s biggest struggles. But not when your wedding day is right around the corner and you need to reverse the damage FAST. Not using styling tools can make a HUGE difference but it’s not always realistic for woman who need to do their hair every day. We have some tips and products for you to use that will help get your hair looking silky smooth for those wedding photos. But remember, everyone’s hair is different, and what might work for you might not work for others.

1. ‘It’s a 10’ Leave-In Product
This has to be one of the most rewarding leave in conditioners you will ever use. This product repairs dry damaged hair, adds shine, smoothes & controls frizz, seals & protects hair color, detangles, prevents split ends, stops hair breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body, flat iron & thermal protector. It’s a thicker liquid but sprays VERY well. You don’t need to use too much of this product as it is very rich and creamy so apply evenly but lightly.
TIP: Use EVERY TIME you wash your hair and let your hair air dry. After a month of this you will definitely notice the results.

2. The top knot hair mask.
After you have a shower and your hair is damp apply “Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner Hair Mask.” This deep conditioner is an ultra-restorative, moisturizing hair conditioner that leaves all hair types smooth, shiny and frizz free. The special ingredient blend repairs damage, reduces breakage and helps reduce static and drying time. Perfect for over processed and color treated hair. Free of: sulfates, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors. After you’ve applied this mask comb your hair back into a top knot bun. The best part of a top knot is that with your hair pulled back it just looks like you have hairspray or product securing your hair in place. You can leave this mask in your hair overnight or to work and nobody will notice. Your hair will absorb all of the product and you just have to rinse your hair (shampoo your roots to remove excess oil) in the morning or at the end of the day. This is a wonderful thing to do on the weekend.

3. Sulfate FREE Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In Products.
Sulfate is the additive to cleaning products that causes the foaming action commonly associated with soaps. This is usually what helps break down the dirt and oil from your hair. Though sulfate-based shampoos do effectively clean the hair, they can also strip the hair of essential oils as well as irritate the skin. You usually want to avoid sulfate shampoos and products if you experience damaged hair and are trying to repair it. Below are cheaper additions that work just as well and give you amazing results.

Marc Anthony Grow Long Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner
Marc Anthony Rapid Grow Strengthening Grow Long Caffeine Ginseng Leave-In Conditioner

4. Get a trim every 4 to 6 weeks.
It’s very good for your hair to get rid of those damaged goods. And by that we mean breakage and split ends. Now this doesn’t mean to cut your already short hair shorter, but to go in with the sheers and chop off all that breakage. This will help your hair repair itself and increase growth as your hair will break off a lot less. Eventually your hair will appear more and more healthy and strong. For the people who over dye their hair and are left with very elastic strands of hair should most likely consider taking more length off, but if it’s minor a third of an inch will help lots!

5. If you’re using heating tools, avoid a blow drier as much as you can.
I know this tip is hard especially if you’re a person who showers first thing in the morning but going without your blow drier as much as you can helps LOTS by keeping more moisture in your hair. Try and avoid using heating tools every single day and learn some up do’s or styles that are just as good. You want to keep as much moisture in your hair as possible.

They all little BIG steps to get you on the fast track to healthy hair. You might see a difference right away, or if it’s very damaged it might take some time. Be patient and be kind to your hair!

XOXO – Bridal Fantasy