Honeymoon Phase

Jan 1, 1970 | Wedding Planning, Wedding Trends

Do you think all the planning and strategizing is over once you say, “I do”? Well, think again! The honeymoon is an often-overlooked component of the wedding experience. If you are not prepared before your big day, it could feel like a missed opportunity since the honeymoon is the perfect way to spend some time alone as newlyweds. Don’t panic! Bridal Fantasy and Champagne Weddings and Travel have you covered with our four top tips to ensure your honeymoon goes as smooth as possible.

1. Take some time. It may be tempting to run straight from the alter to the airport but don’t feel pressured to do it this way. Taking some time to decompress after The Big Day might serve both your mind and your body well. Weddings can be surprisingly hard on your body; if you’re feeling a little beaten down already, imagine what a 15-hour flight on top of that will do. Create a buffer between the ceremony and the honeymoon to ensure you get the most of that first big trip as newlyweds.

2. Focus on your favourites. You have a world of choices; literally. When choosing your destination keep in mind what makes you, you. Try and tie your honeymoon into a special moment. First date was at an Italian restaurant? Venice might be your place. Met at a rock concert? Maybe that very band is playing somewhere exotic just around the corner. Do you both work high-stress jobs and have fast-paced lifestyles? Then perhaps a couple weeks unwinding at the beach. A lot of

the same thematic ideas you had when planning your wedding can be used when deciding your destination.

3. Stretch your dollar. Set a budget; it doesn’t have to be as tight as your wedding’s, but it’s still essential that you and your future spouse are on the same page when it comes to financials. There are several ways to stretch out your budget, too. The world loves newlyweds, so tell the world! You may get special treatment wherever you go. Also, consider travelling during different seasons for cheaper rates.

A special Bridal Fantasy tip!  A honeymoon register in lieu of gifts could be perfect if you’re the kind of couple that’s more interested in experience than in material goods.

4. Spend some time alone. This is your honeymoon after all. Of course, you’ll want to take in all the sights and sounds of whatever destination you decide on, but remember why you’re really there. It’s your first official trip as a married couple and its important you share some quiet moments together. Remember, it’s your honeymoon and it should feel like more than just a regular trip. You have the rest of your lives together to go on vacation; take time together to make your honeymoon feel as special as your wedding day.


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