How To Keep A Level Head During The Wedding Process

Jan 1, 1970 | Uncategorized

By Darryl L. Wilson, Jr

Featured in Bridal Fantasy Magazine

Weddings are emotional reckonings and will set off triggers, if you have not dealt with your issues beforehand I’m here to help. Be prepared for all of the hidden emotions to surface to the top. Family and Friend relationships will be tested, Everyone will have an opinion on what you should wear, what colours to wear, how to smile, how to stand, how to say I DO!

So how do you keep calm and carry on when things don’t go as planned for your wedding day or the days leading up to it? Here are a few tips and tricks to keeping that level head that makes for a happier wedding day. 

  1. Acknowledge that things can go wrong:

There’s no way around it. Even with the best-laid plans, things can go wrong. So, if you acknowledge that your day may not go exactly as you wanted, then you are less likely to lose your cool on the day. I’m not saying to be pessimistic. Just acknowledge that the wedding process may not go according to plan. When you do this, you can tackle any issue that arises, and know when to leave those that cannot be solved. I encourage you to ask your friends and or family members about their wedding disasters. A few many even share that those things that went “wrong” made memories they will be able to share with their children. So don’t be afraid of not having THE PERFECT wedding. 

  1. Get Help

Very simple advice. Hire a team of dynamic professionals that understand your vision and your trust will give you the best planning experience you could ever imagine.

  1. Finally, don’t forget the big picture

At the end of the day, just focus on what matters- that this is just a stepping stone to spending the rest of your life with the person you love. You will find yourself disagreeing with each other during this process and understand that totally normal. There may be a point where you question if you want to go through with the wedding. If you find yourself going down that road STOP the wedding planning process for about two weeks and just focus on each other. During my very own wedding planning process when I allowed our guest list or timeline planning to create tension I found myself going back to old text messages and emails, and love notes given to me during our time together, and those reminded why I fell in love and wanted to create an amazing future together. 

More about Darryl L, Wilson, Jr, 

D’Cocierge combines the perfect melange of chic, elegance, and bold creativity fused with energetic ideas customized to the bride’s total satisfaction. After graduating high school and finishing up his freshman year of undergrad Darryl Wilson Jr. had his life mapped out. The plan was to follow his father’s footsteps and join the Navy Branch of the Armed Forces, serve 25 years and retire. But a special occasion altered the course of events and changed Wilson’s life forever. “GOD had a different blueprint for me,” Wilson says. It wasn’t until after planning his mother’s wedding to my stepfather 16 years ago that he realized the exceptional talent he had. Talented but not yet confident, Wilson struggled to see how he could take his talent and craft a successful career in wedding planning. “At the time the wedding and event industry was predominantly run by females, and there were not many men of colour in the limelight making strides in the wedding industry,” says Wilson. As his confidence began to grow, his lifelong goal has become to change the dynamic of the industry by curating one love story at a time! 

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