How to Plan Your Perfect Honeymoon: 7 Insightful Tips for Newlyweds

The peak of any wedding ceremony is the honeymoon destination. This is where both of you get the chance to enjoy your newly found love life. Therefore, it has to be perfect. After several daunting months of wedding preparations, a honeymoon is the best reward for couples. It may be the first exotic getaway for both of you, which sounds heartwarming until you get to the task of planning it from scratch. We did in-depth research on honeymoons and spoke to seasoned experts in the field to give you a few tips on how to plan your unique getaway.

The wedding planning process is anything but easy. However, with the right help, you will have a smoother time preparing for your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ day. To ensure that every fine detail falls into place, you need to take your time and put in all your dedication. This not only applies to the wedding but also the honeymoon. A simple oversight can cost you a lot by ruining everything. Nonetheless, the effort you put into the preparations usually pays off ultimately.

While it is easy to be mixed up and carried away with the selection of the wedding venue, catering services, attires, décor, and invitations, do not forget to fix your honeymoon plan in your circuit. Although not as laborious as the wedding plan, it still needs a good amount of planning, which means your time and attention. Remember, this is your first getaway as a married couple and a chance to create life-long memories – in case you forgot that point. Nevertheless, we have you covered with the following insightful tips that we hope will make a difference: 

1. The early bird….

Starting the preparations early is imperative to have the best honeymoon. Nothing forces you to make poor decisions like a last-minute rush. The worst-case scenario is when the last minute falls next to a high-peak holiday season.

If you are planning to go to a high-end resort or hotel, you need to start booking as early as 6-8 months beforehand. Such places have a massive flow of clients, and you know what they say – the early bird catches the worm.

The advantage of booking early means that you can land on budget-friendly rates before the peak season. This does not only apply to the hotels and resorts, but also the flights, or any other means of transport that you want to use.

2. Two minds work best

Being a couple means that you are two in one. Most of the decisions, even after the wedding, will need both of your contributions. Therefore, avoid planning for the honeymoon alone. Get your partner and share ideas on where you can travel and get the time of your lives.

Making the decision together creates a good practice for your future as a married couple. Create random questions about what an ideal honeymoon destination looks like and attempt to answer as a unit. If not, seek the help of a travel advisor, who will assist you land on the perfect getaway.

3. Create a budget first

Having a wedding in the first place is quite costly.  It can be overwhelming when you have to raise an extra amount for the honeymoon. However, on the bright side, both are fulfilling, fun, and enjoyable.

It is crucial to work under a budget so that you do not end up straining too much. The flight costs and accommodation are the main expenses on your shoulders. However, you will still have to cater to other charges during your honeymoon. One good practice is to draft every possible expense and leave a slot for the miscellaneous costs that you may encounter during the trip.

4. Avoid a ‘copy-paste.’

Although another couple might have immense fun on their honeymoon getaway, this is no reason to copy everything they did. However, exhausting planning your honeymoon may seem to be, never use another couple’s criterion to make your choices. They might have enjoyed their stay and had a blast, but nothing guarantees you will. People have distinct interests and preferences, which you need to center on yourselves. Someone else’s moon is not yours – plain and simple.

5. Ask, friends & family are the best resources

Yes, Google and any other search engine can show you great places to visit for your honeymoon. However, you might be shocked on arrival at your destination. Sometimes different websites can paint a beautiful picture when the real destination does not match the description online. To get a better view or understanding of reality, try asking some of your friends and relatives who have visited these places. They have firsthand experience of how everything looks like in reality.

If you don’t have friends or relatives who have visited the specific area you are scouting, then consider a travel agent or adviser. They have the experience and expertise to advise on the right places to visit.

Conversely, rely more on videos rather than pictures when searching online. Videos tend to give you a better feel and experience of the place before you head there. If the destination offers virtual reality on their website, the better it is for you to find out how the site looks like exactly.

6. Know what you will do there

Well, you have settled on the ultimate destination for your honeymoon, now comes the crucial part – what to do there?

Have a few activities in mind, which you can do together when you are at your honeymoon destination. Both of you equally need to get other things you can do together, which may include your hobbies.

7 Have a basis for the trip

It is not just a honeymoon getaway. This is what people know and see, but there is more to what meets the eye. A honeymoon is not one of those vacations you go out with friends or family and have fun independently, leaving others in their hotel rooms. In this arrangement, you are going as a couple and, spending time is for both of you. Never go there and start going on your ventures and, at the expense of spending time with your partner.

We hope that the tips above will prove meaningful and assist you to come up with the ultimate honeymoon, as envisioned in your dreams.

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