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Mother’s Day 2020, Brock witnessed hundreds of (distanced) patrons line up around the block of his home to get their hands on one of the 400 BEAUXquets Brock and his small team had created. His entire inventory of BEAUXquets sold out within 15 minutes. The public demand for Beaux Florals was so high that Brock made the difficult decision to close his hair salon of over a decade, Studio B, permanently. He hired a small team of close friends and family and transformed his salon space into his floral design studio. He also set up his Instagram account @beauxflorals to document his daily floral creations.

After his official brand launch, Brock undertook his first big project; weddings. Recognizing that the wedding landscape had changed significantly due to COVID, Brock set out to establish beautifully curated and intimate wedding packages for his Wedding clients. Using elements of floral design combined with dreamy tablescapes, Brock was able to develop unique and personal dream weddings for brides that quickly gained interest and admiration from his clients and fans.

Brock wanted to continue to connect and inspire others through floral design. He developed intimate floral arrangement workshops both in person and virtually. These workshops designed to inspire others to create their own floral artwork also help give others the foundation to express themselves creatively for years to come.

Brock has taken his unique approach to florals and has expanded it to reach those Nationwide. He has appeared on television shows such as “The Social” and “The Marilyn Denis Show”. His work was also featured in the popular ten-day floral exhibition “Fleurs de Villes,” this past Fall with two custom, large-scale installations created solely with fresh and perishable florals and greenery. Brock has recently pivoted away from retail, in order to focus on weddings and custom design work. Currently has been focusing on creating florals for set designs in popular television series while continuing to navigate the ever-changing wedding world.

Through it all, Brock has continued to navigate the hurdles of COVID-19 restrictions with a smile. He now has a large local following of over 20K followers on his Instagram account. He continues to adapt week to week, making sure that his clients are continually inspired by his floral art. As he always says “Working nine days a week it is so worth it when I see the smile on my clients’ faces during the reveal.”

To Brock and his clients, it truly is so much more than ‘just flowers’…

This year’s trends continue to err on the scaled-down intimate weddings. Brides and Grooms are forced to scale down to a smaller guest list, which in turn leaves more room in the wedding budget as well as time to spend on the details. We are seeing Brides and Grooms get more and more involved in the creative aesthetic and thematic elements of their wedding, which allows them to really express themselves as a couple through their florals and décor.

Floral designs are getting more and more wild and creative building de-constructed looks that are so playfully romantic and unique. So much of individual expression has been lost through the traditional use of florals and décor.

This year’s floral trend is all about individuality. It is less about tight clean, round and perfect, as we have seen traditionally in the floral world for so many years. The focus has shifted more to the perfectly curated wild and asymmetrical shapes and textures, which allow the eyes to follow around the room as the florals act in the storytelling for you. They are creatively expressive, complex, and individual, as are each one of our clients at BEAUX Florals.

There has been more and more of a on using different heights, textures and décor. Your tablescape and décor are the perfect marriage of expression. Consider different heights, vessels, colors and tones. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and express yourself in a playfully romantic way. You would be surprised at how so many different textures and themes can come together

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About the Author

For Brock Stacey, Owner and Head Florals Designer at Beaux Florals, it is about so much more than just flowers. It is about expressing himself and truly connecting with others, through beautiful palettes, tones, and textures the floral arrangements can provide.

Ever a small business owner, Brock made the transition from a successful hair salon Studio B to a floral designer at the beginning of the COVID crisis. After restrictions left his salon closed for an undetermined amount of time, he began selling BEAUXquets on the curbside with his mom Joanne. These custom flower arrangements quickly gained recognition around the Halton Region.

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