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Long and Lovely: Hair Extensions

If you’re dreaming of a romantic updo or tons of tumbling curls for your bridal look, you may want to consider plumping up your natural hair with some extensions. A great way to add extra length or body, extensions can be an excellent investment if purchased wisely. To get the best experience with extensions, you should make sure you do your research! High-quality extensions can be expensive but they also last longer, react better to styling and daily activities, and provide a beautiful uniform look.

If you’re planning to get your extensions done in a local salon, talk to them about what brand of extensions they use. They should ample information about the brand they will be ordering their supplies in from. Key things you should look for include sourcing information, particularly if you’re hoping to get Remy hair, and information about the method of application they plan to use.

One of the most important factors in extension quality is whether or not they are made from remy hair. Remy extensions are made from hair that preserve the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains soft, shiny, and tangle-free throughout its lifetime. It’s important to ensure your extensions are ordered from a reputable company, many products advertised as remy hair are not true remy hair, and while they may look the same in the beginning, after some wear they will show much more matting and tangling than true remy hair. If you want to guarantee the source and quality of your hair, look for brands like Kapello that manage the hair sourcing process in-house, allowing them to fully control the quality and source of all their extensions.

Your stylist should take the time to discuss the different application processes with you to determine the best kind of extensions to order for you. Brands offering professional-grade extensions offer several different methods of attaching the extensions. Kapello offers pre-bonded, pre-taped, or micro ring style applications for professional applications. Each of these application methods offer different benefits. Pre-bonded extensions provide a barely-visible bond that offer flexibility, comfort, and durability for long-term wear, even through regular washing, styling, and activities like swimming! Pre-taped extensions are a great choice if you want high quality extensions with the option of taking them in and out; these semi-permanent extensions can be reapplied by a specialist up to five times! If you’re not keen on using adhesives to attach your extensions, micro ring systems use copper cylinders that are clamped on to your natural hair; these extensions are still great for active lifestyles and are heat, chlorine, and salt resistant.

If you’re opting to visit an extension specialist, like The Extensionists in Edmonton and Calgary, they will be able to provide a wide number of options for you, depending on your hair type and your requirements. With lots of experience in many systems of attaching extensions, from pre-bonded adhesives to full-head integrated cornrows, and many more, they can help you find the best method for your lifestyle or help you with special needs. Visiting a specialist also ensures that they can support you throughout your extension experience from putting them in, adjusting colours, and care or removal.

Kapello Extensions have been featured in Hairdressers Journal International, Professional Hairdresser, Hello! Fashion, Glamour magazine, and more.