Making A House A Home

In today’s world of ever evolving technology, seasonally emerging fashion trends, weekly diet fads, and the latest and greatest of every product streaming to us daily; it can feel like very few things in our lives are truly lasting.  Our homes however are the one exception, and unlike our iPhones, we don’t want a yearly upgrade.  Our home can act as a true respite from what can feel like a disposable culture. At home, we surround ourselves with items of comfort, sentiment, memory and joy. So when selecting a home to purchase, do you find yourself seeking out the shiny, new cookie cutter home, or do you search for something more unique that you can transform into your own?

While an older home may not offer the luxury of brand new appliances or perfectly placed pot lights; the unique architectural elements and charming character that these homes often feature can be much harder to infuse into a new space. Elements such as moldings, interesting ceiling details, curved staircases and built in millwork are all examples of features often found in older homes that are major upgrades in new builds.  At first sight these character pieces may feel old or dingy, but a fresh coat of paint or new hardware can inexpensively transform these items into the key features of your home. The key to renovating an older home is to let the character shine through while adding the modern conveniences that you need.

We often advise clients to first live in their older home, to get to know the home itself, and to dissect their habits, needs and desires for the refreshed space. Renovating provides an opportunity to not only create a home that reflects your personal aesthetic but also a home that functions to suit your unique lifestyle.  Essentially, you can enjoy the luxury of building a custom dream home with the flexibility to build it over time and as your budget allows. Your design choices can evolve through the renovation process and in the end, you will be left with a truly personal home that reflects your own personality and life story.

As we enter the New Year we are really starting to see interiors move away from clearly defined style trends (think “modern farmhouse” or “mid century modern”) and evolve into more eclectic and personal spaces. The architectural character we celebrate in renovations translates directly to the furniture and décor items we choose as well. Mixing styles, eras and cultural influences into your home is what will create a timeless and personal feel. We are also seeing a lot more warmth in our neutral tones with textures and natural elements creating a base palette to layer upon. Lighter woods, mixed metals, soft whites and touches of black create a space that you can add anything into, including that antique heirloom you just can’t part with.

Overall there is just something so rewarding about breathing new life into an older space. Renovating allows you to take a once older, outdated house and make it a home, because after all, what is a home without the lives that dwell inside it?

Image Credits: Michelle Johnson of MJ Photography

Author | Martin Lee Design Team

Martin Lee Design is an Interior Design Firm passionate about creating perceptive and considerate spaces that are reflective of each individual client. Stephanie Martin and Mae Lee Logullo have spent a decade together creating a client experience that allows others to share in their love for design. Outside of the business, both ladies are also raising young families and have each embarked on renovating their own personal homes full of character and potential.

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