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Mercer’s Catering is a great option for brides who want to support local and environmentally friendly businesses when choosing their wedding vendors. Mercer’s uses local and regional food producers during the growing season and also grow their own fresh herbs and edible flowers on their rooftop garden. Regardless of the season, they strive to run their company with the least impact to the environment, with strategies like phosphate free detergent and in-house laundry, a double wide low flow dishwasher that reduces water consumption, and reusable dishware, biodegradable disposables, and much more!

Does that sound great? They back up their environmentally conscious efforts with amazing food! They offer a great selection of menu options for wedding parties, from a small casual buffet to three-course plated dinner. Their two buffet options provide a lot of choice for customization, the smaller buffet includes two meat entrees and your choices of sides and salads, while the larger option includes each of the options presented in the smaller buffet and a vegetarian entree in addition. Mercer’s food has a local flavour, incorporating Alberta favourites like cabbage rolls and perogies, great cuts of beef, and more! The plated option offers three to four choices for you to select for each course, making sure your menu reflects your tastes. Mercer’s also offers beverage services for easy planning!