Planning a Homeymoon

Social distancing best practices and travel bans are causing many couples to either postpone or cancel their honeymoons. We want to remind you that it’s okay to be upset about the temporary postponement of all major life events, including taking a much-needed break after the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. But did you know that you could create a unique experience in your own home? Enter the homeymoon!

So, What is a Homeymoon?

Homeymoons are similar to staycations and allow for couples to still have time to themselves while following social distancing best practices. You can put aside those stay-at-home blues by transforming your home (or part of your home) and creating new experiences similar to what you would do if you were on a honeymoon.

Planning a Homeymoon

Believe it or not, it’s quite simple! First, talk about what your original honeymoon plan was. Were you planning on heading to a tropical island? Heading to a theme park or resort? Whatever your original plan was, you can create your perfect homeymoon itinerary!

Steps to Planning:

  1. Set a Date – Plan for your homeymoon to last one full day and night. Anything longer than that can become hard to pretend you’re on a vacation! Find a date where you and your partner has ZERO plans or obligations, and mark it in your calendar.
  2. Pick a Location – Now, we don’t mean your kitchen or your backyard! Choose an international location that you both want to visit, such as Mexico or Italy.
  3. Commit to the Plan– With your location locked down, it’s time to commit. Pack your overnight bag with all the necessities and prepare like you’re going on an actual vacation.
  4. Divide Up Activities – You will need to complete some activities to change your home into the perfect vacation spot. These can include things like “prepping” the “hotel” room, making a plan for dinner, and planning the day-time activities. Split these tasks between you and your partner to make things more interesting and create an element of surprise.

Unique Stay-at-Home Ideas

Create Your Own Tropical Oasis

Were you planning on heading to an exotic island where you could sip Mai Tai’s by the pool and enjoy a candlelit dinner on the beach? There’s nothing saying you can’t still have a unique beach experience from the comfort of your home! Throw on some bright resort wear, set up some lawn chairs in your back yard, and get the blender plugged in! Put on a beach-inspired playlist to create the perfect ambiance! Oh, and for that candlelit dinner? Why not enjoy your dinner on your patio with some twinkle lights while watching the sunset?! Enjoy a romantic evening without getting all that sand stuck everywhere!

Go Glamping

If you have enough space, why not set up a tent in your backyard and create a luxurious camping experience? Set up some camping chairs, sip your favourite beverages from some great outdoor mugs, and get creative with a makeshift campfire. Spend your days drinking in the sun and then enjoy an evening of stargazing. You can even download an app to help you point out constellations and far-away galaxies! Don’t forget your sunscreen and bug spray to make this just like any camping trip you could have planned.

Spa at Home

While we know it’s not the same as laying on a beach getting a massage while hearing the waves lap at the shoreline, why not try to create your own peaceful experience at home? Follow a video online for you and your partner to learn how to give the best massage during this time. Pick up some massage oils, candles, and fluffy bathrobes to complete the experience.

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