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Royal Wedding Conduct

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or on another planet, then you’ve heard of the much-anticipated engagement of Prince Harry to American-born actress, Meghan Markle. Their wedding will be the event of the spring wedding season.

Obviously, a royal couple with every advantage and opportunity at their fingertips has the option of building an incredible wedding event; but so do you!

You may not have the royal credentials attached to your last name, but every bride and groom feels like royalty on their wedding day, or at least they should. With a bit of fantasy mixed in, your special day can be the event of the century for you, your friends and family.

A wedding marks one of the greatest lifetime accomplishments for any couple, but it is also an event that in many ways is quite taxing. You can avoid the pitfalls by keeping a few things in mind while planning your royal event.

Don’t blow your relationships in exchange for a few hours of ultimate attention.

There are numerous issues and challenges that a bride and groom face, especially as they attempt to build an occasion that is of prince and princess status.

Yes, you’re prince and princess for the day, but you still have to live with one another and also face your friends and family following the wedding.

You don’t want your special event to be remembered for all of the wrong reasons. Even Prince Harry and his intended will bow to certain traditions, so be wise. In the overall scheme of things, choose your battles carefully. Focus on enjoying the day and your guests. The attention will naturally be on you. How could it not? You’re the best dressed in the room.

Treat your wedding party with great honour.

These are the men and women you’ve chosen as royal attendants. Certainly, there are specifics, as to why they were chosen to stand in support of your decision to marry. Remember those reasons. Honor them with the respect they deserve as your very special friends and keep your expectations reasonable.

There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding.

With the best-made plans of mice and men…and those of brides and grooms, something will go wrong. While we commoners won’t be privy to a royal faux paux, be assured that even with lots of royal handlers behind the scenes at Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle, mistakes will occur. Your wedding is no different. When things go awry, you just have to be a prince and roll with it.

A wedding is a signature event, representing what is unique to the bride and groom. It is a royal occasion, uniquely designed to regally represent all things you.

Bridal Fantasy provides brides and grooms the royal treatment necessary to make their wedding a royal event for any season.