She said Absolutely! The Virani’s Engagement created with Absolutely Proposals – JM Photography

Under the design of Caleigh from Absolutely Proposals, we joined with Alpine Helicopters Inc. and Glass Stone Cinema to craft a unique proposal for Hanif and Fatimah. Hanif reached out to the talented team at Absolutely because he wanted to do something special. They came up with an entire intricate plan for the day, beginning with a manicure…

Fatimah’s sister, Hamidah, asked her on a girls’ date to have their nails done. Shortly after, Fatimah’s friend Rizwana called, explaining that she’d won a helicopter trip through work and would like to take Fatimah along. It was free because Alpine was bringing a photographer and videographer to shoot promotional images for the website. Fatimah agreed.

The next morning, Rizwana called her friend, explaining that she was feeling under the weather. Fatimah could take her boyfriend Hanif along instead. So, the couple got into the car and left Calgary for Alpine Helicopters in Canmore.

Up High in the Helicopter

Meanwhile, we were setting up for the day. We met the crew at Alpine Helicopters, a flightseeing company based in British Columbia and Alberta. The business has been operating since 1961, opening their first base in Calgary and expanding out to five other locations. We were joined by Harrison from Glass Stone Cinema, a Calgary based wedding videographer who offers exceptional, cinema-quality services to their clients.

When we showed up, we asked where the other girl was, throwing Fatimah off her suspicions about Hanif’s motives. We headed into the briefing room, where Alpine talked us through helicopter safety, and then we were off into the air!

The original landing site we wanted was socked in with clouds, so instead, we landed on the ridge of a dam. We took them out to a pinnacle where he was supposed to propose. But, full of nervous excitement, Hanif dropped to one knee as soon as they left the chopper.

Down by the water, we took photos of the newly engaged couple as they kissed and cuddled. We restaged the proposal next to the lake before getting back into the warmth of the helicopter. As we flew over the mountains, the happy couple was all smiles, and we took the opportunity to photograph Fatimah’s beautiful new ring.

The Session at Quarry Lake

When we landed, we made sure to get a few shots of Fatimah and Hanif in front of the helicopter, before we moved over to Quarry Lake in Canmore. The area is a reclaimed mining quarry turned recreational park, complete with several hiking trails, a swimming area, an off-leash park, and a 100m-deep lake.

Fatimah and Hanif had a chance to change into their formal wear before we headed off to the park. We began next to fluffy spruce trees and shot a few individuals before bringing the couple together in front of the towering Mt. Rundle. They held the sign provided by Absolutely Proposals that read: “I Said Absolutely!”

To wrap up the session, Hanif and Fatimah popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate the momentous occasion.

We had a beautiful day in the mountains with Fatimah and Hanif, and hope they love their images as much as we enjoyed taking them!

 Absolutely Proposals & Romantic Events is such an amazing team to work with and we are always grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of one of their proposals they help design. We wish Fatimah and Hanif all the best as they take this first step in the future they are going to build together.
– Jeremy from JM Photography

The Virani CreditsDate | 11.11.17

Planner – Absolutely Proposals & Romantic Events
Location – Marvel Pass Mountain Top
Helicopter Tour – Alpine Helicopters
Spa – Cedar & Sage
Videography – Glass Stone Cinema
Photography by Jeremy Martel