Seven Sacred Vows of a Hindu Wedding

May 26, 2022 | Cultural Weddings, Styled Shoot

With so many distinct cultures within the country, there are cultural details that vary in how brides, grooms, and their families celebrate marriage in India. One of the most well-known of these Indian affairs is the Hindu wedding with the opulent red saris, grand entrances, and Bollywood-style dances.

Arguably, the most important element of these ceremonies is Saptapadi, also known as the Seven Vows. The completion of these vows is what sanctifies the marriage and bonds the bride and groom’s souls together for seven lifetimes. Each vow focuses on a different promise required to make the marriage successful and the bond between the couple stronger. While these sacred vows were curated many years ago, they are timeless and reflect the modern values of equality and companionship.

First Phera – Prayer for Nourishment and Welfare

“With God as our guide, let us take the first step to live with honour and respect. Let us walk together, so we get food.”

Second Phera – Prayer for Physical and Mental Strength

“Let us be happy and enjoy life. Let us walk together, so we grow together in strength,”

Third Phera – Prayer for Prosperity

“Let us share joys and pains together. Let us walk together, so we get wealth.”

Forth Phera – Prayer for Family

“Let us not forget our parents and elders. Let us walk together, so we get happiness by sharing our joys and sorrows,”

Fifth Phera – Prayer for Progeny

“Let us observe all acts of charity. Let us walk together, so we have a family.”

Sixth Phera – Prayer for Health

“Let us live a long and peaceful life. Let us walk together, so we have joy.”

Seventh Phera – The Eternal Promise

“Let us be friends with love and sacrifice. Let us walk together, so we have a friendship.”

These seven vows are a promise to enter the union as equals, take care of each other and show each other respect, and stand united in all aspects of their lives. The journey that follows Saptapadi is meant to be a blissful one.

Photographer: Kristina Felker Photography

Venue: University of Alberta Botanic Gardens

Decor: I Do Event Services

Hair & Makeup: Reema Aulakh and Beeta Sidhu for Reemake Studio

Mehndi: Henna Tattoo

Florist: Tickled Floral Inc.

Wedding Fashions: Anika Designs

Models: Anjali Lakhani and Deep Nirwan for Numa Models

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