Some Like it HOT: 5 Secrets To Great Sex Your Whole Life

Why does the sex go  cold after a while and how can we keep it hot Art Asked?  He and Peggy were one of the many newlywed and about to wed couples,  who attended one of my Modern Love Trainings this year. When  Art had a chance to  explain further he said his dad and the other long married men in his family had been warning him that sex cooled off soon after marriage.

Everyone in the training started talking at once, yeah what’s that about ?” that’s not going to happen to ushey Dr Brenda, pleases tell us if there are secrets we need to know!”

YES! there are sex secrets based on  real science and I’m going to share 5 of the facts I teach couples in our trainings.

#1.  A Healthy Body is a Sexy Body

Rest and relax so your estrogen levels and guys your testosterone levels are  maximized. Avoid high levels of alcohol (men especially)  before making love. Exercise keeps your energy up, lowers stress and pours oxygen into your brain too, all making sex better!

#2. Aphrodisiac Foods

Chocolate, avocados, asparagus, oysters and hot chili peppers, chow down! Be careful not to be too full at bedtime or when you want to make love.

#3. Stay Warm

When your body is warm  it’s got better blood flow, in the genital area.  That makes it easier to enjoy relaxed sexual pleasure, leading to stronger climax.

#4. Never argue in your bedroom

And don’t watch TV in your bedroom couples who fight or watch TV in bed have less sex

#5. Communication is the Best Lubrication

Talk to one another in the most loving way, share what you appreciate and admire about one another on a daily basis it builds trust and feeling loved and that is so sexy!

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Author | Darryl L. Wilson Jr.

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