Stags and Stagettes

Apr 20, 2022 | Uncategorized

Planning the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party is fun but it takes some thought, abandon the “last day of freedom” approach for activities that your bride or groom would genuinely enjoy; whether you do something wild and wacky or you opt for a calm night in, the stag and stagette parties are a fun time for celebrating the new chapter in your life with your friends.

Planned by the Maid of Honour and the Best Man, they coordinate the celebrations with the rest of the attendees; costs of the party are shared by the guests while the bride and groom do not pay. While creating your party plans, make sure you talk to some of the key guests about your ideas and be open to suggestions and budget concerns. Keep in mind that younger couples in their early 20s won’t want (or have the budget for) some of the stag or stagette parties of brides and grooms in their 30s. If you have an idea that you love that doesn’t fit everyone’s budget, like a lavish spa trip, think of something similar such brunch and mani-pedis at a local spa. While you don’t need to tell the bride and groom the details of the celebration, it’s a good idea to run your plans by them to make sure they’re comfortable with your ideas. If the couple likes the idea, consider doing a co-ed party and do something exciting as a large group! Here are some of our favourite ideas to get your party planning started:

For the Ladies

– Get moving and laughing with a fun dance class! Try something fun like hip hop or belly dancing. You will have fun trying something new and being silly with the girls and you’ll have some new moves to bust out on the dance floor. If everyone’s up for it, try a burlesque or pole-dancing class!

– Plan an indulgent night in and hire a personal chef to whip up a gourmet dinner and have a grown-up slumber party. Think cute pyjama sets, cheesy romcoms, and popcorn.

For the Gents

– Enjoy a great evening in with the guys; pick up some steaks, mix up the groom’s favourite drink and play some low-stakes poker.

– Attend or host a scotch tasting. Arrange some cool transportation to get everyone to the venue in style, wear your favourite duds and enjoy a night on the town. 

Co-ed Celebrations

-Get grilling and plan a barbeque! Plan fun backyard activities like a piñata, paint coloured circles on the grass for twister, and spike the punch for a casual outdoor bash.

– Take a visit to the thrift store and pick out some wedding outfits for the bridal party to wear during the game, the more outdated the better! When you get to the paintball range, let the bride and her attendants challenge the groom and his men for bragging rights.

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