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Take It From Me…Wedding Weight Loss

Take it from me…wedding weight loss BF BlogHello everyone! I’m back again. This time breaking down wedding weight loss. I feel like everyone I’ve talked to has gone through this once they got engaged. From a couple of pounds, to a major body overhaul, this is something almost every bride works towards as part of their pre-wedding jobs.

When I decided to try to lose weight for my big day, I decided that looking at the number on the scale was a complete waste of my time. I spoke to nutritionists, doctors, and trainers, and they all told me that the number on the scale is not something to get hung up on. When you are working out, you gain muscle as you lose fat. Muscle weighs more than fat. Therefore, the number on the scale will rise before it falls. So I decided to focus on my clothing sizes – it has made me a lot happier.

Next, it is all about what you eat, which is the hardest part of it all in my opinion. As I mentioned in my catering post… I love food. I love to eat. All kinds. Mostly carbs and sugars. Who doesn’t? It’s obviously the best, but not for your body if you are trying to tone up. This is still an aspect I’m working on. So far, I’ve cut my portion sizes down, which has been pretty easy, and having lower-calorie desserts. But summer is hard! BBQ’s, parties, camping and fires, beers (which is empty calorie central), and festivals. Impossible! I’m lucky, I have over a year yet, but getting on track in the summer is so difficult.

Another helpful tip is to find a workout buddy. I work out with my fiancé whenever I can. If not, my dog is always with me. Basement gym and outdoor runs, and honestly, that’s enough for me! If you want a dog friend to walk with but you don’t have one, we suggest volunteering at an animal shelter. Exercise + good karma…can’t go wrong!

Finally, your fitness plan should be all about variety. Change it up! Otherwise you will get bored and plateau. I do my best to swim once a week, do a gym-style work out at least 3 times a week (weights and cardio), yoga once a week, and I also play soccer at least once a week. That way I’m working different muscles all the time, and I’m never bored with my workouts.

I have been the most consistent with my workouts when I started varying them. I’ve enjoyed them. I even get myself pumped to do them because I only watch certain TV shows when I work out as a bit of a reward (okay, it’s reruns of Law and Order: SVU – I can’t get enough). Reward yourself when you reach little goals, even if that goal is making it to the gym or going for a walk outside. The more positive reinforcement you give yourself, the more likely you are to continue!


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