The Authentic Makeover – Just Be Yourself on Your Wedding Day

You enter the room and take your first step down the aisle. Your radiance spills over, encompasses the room and captures the hearts of every guest. By sheer presence you preside over your domain like a queen. Your face shines more brilliantly than ever before. This is not only the day that you will always remember. It is the day that they will always remember you.

As an Image Therapist, I continue to be amazed at the popularity of makeover shows that focus on changing something about a person’s exterior, be it weight, clothing, or facial features. Their intention is certainly noble, but true change can only occur after you first understand you’re already a masterpiece just the way you are. You only need to beautifully represent that brilliance through your appearance.

Our society is very focused on weight, so I’m often asked whether the first step in working with me through the Image Therapy process is to start dieting. My answer is always the same: No! You don’t need to lose weight to undergo a transformation. When you want to enter into the process of self-discovery, it has nothing to do with being a size 2 or a 22. What we are looking to bring out is the “Authentic You.”

Being authentic is important for everyone and everyday, but never so important than on your wedding day.

You are an amazing cornucopia of fabulous blessings and a masterpiece just the way you are. Now, on your wedding day you just need to portray that. Your dress, jewelry, hair, and makeup may all be great, but they are only as great as the role they play in sharing your splendor with your guests. Remember, you want everyone to remember you, not your dress!

The Image Therapy process begins by helping you appreciate all of your natural gifts, both your physical structure and your unique personality.

Your physical appearance is the blueprint, which includes your hair and eye color, the proportions of your body, the intensity of your gaze, the sound of your voice, and the way that you walk. The gown must compliment your physical body structure. For example, if you are a tiny petite woman with a beautiful delicate frame, angelic hair, soft gazing eyes, and a light wispy voice, will a huge poufy Cinderella gown reflect your Authentic Self? It won’t.

You may love the dress, but remember to ask yourself, does it love you?

This tangible part of your Essential Formula guides us only partway toward the style of a wedding dress that will grace your body.  Once we considered the essence of your outer structure, we can focus on your inner.

Your personality is very much part of your Authentic Self and must also be reflected in your choice of gown. Are you whimsical or serious? Are you intense or carefree? Are you a vamp or quiet and conservative? To present yourself authentically as you walk down the aisle and stand beside your future husband, your dress must also honor your unique character.

Your wedding gown is important but you are so much more. You want your guests to see the beauty of your essence and the shining brilliance of who you are, the most important person of the wedding. “She looks divine, she looks gorgeous, she has never been more beautiful,” this is what you want to hear on your wedding day.

In an Image Therapy makeover, you’re the masterpiece; your clothes are there to enhance you. They should only complement your appearance and never distract from it.

Like a glittering diamond you posses so many facets. Cover up one layer and you’ll never sparkle as bright. Let your facets shine, appreciate the value of who you are on the inside and out, and be an authentic masterpiece on your wedding day.

Liana Chaouli

President and Founder

Image Therapists International, Inc. and The Academy of Image Therapy

Over the past two decades, Liana Chaouli has developed the theory and practice of Image Therapy®, an educational and therapeutic process today taught worldwide. With the command of five languages, Ms Chaouli shares her expertise as an educator at international speaking events. She privately consults with major political, personal development, and business leaders on matters of their personal and professional presence to improve attitudes affecting self-esteem and confidence. For entertainment figures, Ms Chaouli is called upon to style wardrobes for weddings and industry events.

Liana Chaouli welcomes your questions and can be reached at [email protected]

Image via: Inspired by This.