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The Engagement

The Engagement

It’s official! He proposed and you’ve accepted. This kind of wonderful news should be delivered to your families in person. If distance does not allow this, a phone call should be made as soon as possible. Next you should tell your friends and relatives followed by supervisors and coworkers. The sooner everyone knows, the more time they will have to arrange their schedules for the big day.


You may announce your engagement once you are officially engaged. An engagement ring is not necessary to publish the news; your promise to each other and telling your immediate families of your promise is all that is necessary.

  • Let your parents and immediate families know first, and it’s best done in person
  • Announcements should be sent to both of your hometown’s newspapers
  • Include a good quality 8×10 black and white glossy photo of you and your fiancee, for each newspaper
  • Wedding announcements should be in the paper one week before the wedding date
  • The wedding announcement should cover the same information as the engagement announcement plus your occupations, schooling, parents, and location of the wedding (warning: listing the specific wedding date and your street address may invite theft)

A Newspaper Announcement Sample

Mr. and Mrs. _________ of ________ announce the engagement of their daughter, _______, to _______, the son of Mr. and Mrs. ________, of _________. A (season/month) wedding is planned (or no date has been set for the wedding yet).

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