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The Ultimate Best Man Guide

The role of the best man in a wedding is an important one and should be taken seriously. Your friend has chosen you to be a part of one of the biggest days of his life probably because you have gone through a lot together and he sees it as fitting that you should be there beside him. As the best man, it is your job to not only ensure there is a top class bachelor party organised which gives your friend a great send off but it’s also your job on the wedding day to look after the rings for the blessing, take care of wedding gifts and of course not forgetting the best man speech! This should be something that you prepare well in advance and make it memorable for the right reasons! Therefore it should be relevant, timely and most important of all, keep it clean!

This infographic from Loyes Diamonds in Ireland highlights the role of the best man at the wedding and presents some interesting facts and tips for you to enjoy!

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