Things You Should Not Forget About When Planning a Wedding

Planning significant events like a dream wedding can be a minefield. Of course, it is impossible to miss the cake tastings and venue tours, however, the more minimalist (but crucial) details are often forgotten. As the big day countdown draws nearer, you will often find that there are still things that await implementing. However, you want everything to run as smoothly as they possibly can whatever the situation is.

This list will keep you in check with all the crucial things (both big and small) you shouldn’t forget before the big day.


Surefire Wedding Planning Tips To Ensure You Do Not Get Caught In The “Last Minute Rush”

 Confirm Agreements, Finalize Payments

One of the things you should be very careful to be clear about is the status of your agreements and payments. I have witnessed a few situations that gave rise to last-minute rushes because of misunderstandings over negotiations. Make certain that you have paid for and closed every consultation. Double-check that crucial details like venue, time and date, hiring and rentals, etc. are all secured. Also, it’s an excellent idea to make-safe some tip envelopes for the DJ, MC, catering staff, etc.

 The Marriage License

Even though this piece of document is the hem of the entire event, often, many couples still manage to fall into unfortunate complications. To avoid such a turn of events, you must check up on your marriage license at least a month to the big day. Use marriage certificate translation agencies like The Word Point if you are getting married in a foreign land. In some countries, you may require an appointment and several days in advance. Do you know what rules apply to your state? Be sure to find out everything about all the legal documents you will need well beforehand.

 Signature Drinks/Recipes?

If you are considering any special drink, food, or snack recipes, prepare for it adequately. It would be good to have the methods practiced over and over with your catering unit well before the big event. Make ready note cards for your bartenders as well.

 Check-in with the DJ!

On the big day, music is one of the things that sets the tone throughout the ceremony. You do not want to have any awkward situation where you have to signal the DJ some “Yes/No” at every unpleasant tune. Do the rehearsals with your DJ weeks before the big day. Send them your playlist. If they are allowed to add to it, let them be clear about precisely what kind of songs you both want.

  Photography Unit

You must also check-in with the photography section to ensure that they have a list of your must-have pictures. You can rehearse with the photography team for clarity.

 Review all your Printed Materials

 It can be a disaster if your printed work came in with the wrong names, for instance, especially your program and souvenirs. You should check-in with the print guys to see if all of your printed work is error-free.

  Arrange For Transportation

Make necessary transportation arrangements so that your friends can feel safe about getting home even after some serious unwinding.


You and your partner should check-in with the decoration guys to ensure that all the colors for the wedding theme are in place. You do not want to walk down the aisle to find that there was a mix-up with your wedding colors.

  Delegate Some Tasks To Trusted Family and Friends

 It’s refreshing to be the DIY kind of a couple. However, sharing the workload will help to ensure that nothing is left undone. Also, this way, you can quickly check up on each task and follow them up adequately for execution.

 Pack for Honeymoon

If you have plans to leave for your honeymoon shortly after the big party, well, Pack Now!

 Legal Documents Again!

Remember those legal documents that caused you a lot of hassles? Well, on the big day (even days before then) chances are you’ll be too busy to keep adequate watch over them. Entrusting them into safe hands for safekeeping would make a lot of sense.

 Big Day Emergency Kit/Unit

Not everything may go as planned. It is a good idea to assign tasks to trusted family/friends. You should also have a survival kit and an emergency kit in case there happens to be mishaps.

 Put Your Whole Team In A Hub


Your team here involves the bride’s maids, the entire train, the groom’s men, best man and maid of honor, and a list of the whole party train. Also on this list are the drivers of the vehicles that will convey them. You can create WhatsApp groups for each team and a general WhatsApp group for the entire bunch. Apply the same technique for the catering department, bartending department, and other logical departments. Keeping everyone in the loop will make things a lot easier for you.

 Backup Plan for the Weather

 Just in case you are planning an open field party, make backup arrangements with technical experts for unfriendly weather.

 Schedule Some Alone Time

 The entire planning process can be hectic. Make out some alone time for yourself and your partner. Relax, keep fit and healthy, laugh, play, and RELAX.



Make sure to cultivate good sleep and resting periods early on before the big day! Don’t put in all that work into your big-day and then show up looking pale and stressed out at your party.


It is easy to miss several keynotes while making all the preparations for the big day. However, the list above incorporates several of the big and small necessities that we often may not take into consideration. These surefire guides will help couples and wedding planners dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s” just in time.

Best Wishes!!

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