Unconventional Wedding Venues for Your Special Day

One of the most crucial things in wedding planning is deciding on the venue for your ceremony and reception. Every couple visualises something different for their wedding day. For those who want to stay away from the usual wedding venue and have something unique, here are some examples of unconventional wedding venues that will surely create a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Unconventional Wedding Venues for Your Special Day

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1. In an Art Gallery

The perfect venue for artists and for couples who love good architecture. With its peaceful and solemn ambience, a wedding in an art gallery will surely make your day more intimate. There are a lot of galleries to choose from but our top pick is the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia. It includes a grand foyer and rotunda as well as a rooftop pavilion with a stunning and overlooking view. The Vancouver Art Gallery also has great architecture, with a soaring dome and twin marble staircases. Apart from that, the said venue is also rich in historical sights as it has two of the buildings original courtrooms. You can also have your reception there too!

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2. At a Brewery

This venue is a combination of hip, bohemian, rustic and industrial rolled into one! Having a wedding in a pub or a brewery will not only entertain your guests, it will also show off your fun and quirky side. Our favourite is the Yellowhead Brewery in Edmonton, Alberta, where the first commercially brewed beer in Edmonton was created. You can save a lot of money for the wedding decors because the interior itself is already filled with character. They also have a catering department that will coordinate a reception for you and your guests to enjoy. Celebrate your special day with lots of love, laughter and of course– drinks!

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3. On a Yacht

If you love the ocean, you’ll love the luxury of having a yacht wedding. From exchanging your vows while being surrounded by the ocean to dancing the night away under the blanket of stars, you and your guests will surely enjoy the view and the intimacy of the venue. Pacific Yacht Charters in Vancouver, British Columbia offers the most luxurious wedding venue in the city. You can choose if you want the boat on the dockside or out at the sea, and even customize your wedding according to your preference.

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4. At a Museum

Weddings in a museum are perfect for couples who adore vintage and antique stuff. It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy your big day while learning and discovering a thing or two about our history. The Gasoline Alley Museum in Calgary, Alberta takes you back in time and brings a lot of nostalgia. This venue is also great for your car lover guests as the place shows off beautiful vintage vehicles, antique gas pumps, and colourful automotive memorabilia.

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5. In the Middle of a Forest

Outdoor weddings are mainstream but it does not mean it won’t stand out. Cielo’s Garden in Steinbach, Manitoba makes your outdoor wedding extra special with its beautiful woodland venue. Nature lovers will appreciate the ambience of this place, as well as its stunning natural photographic backdrops. With its clear span tent that is great for your reception, you don’t have to worry about the weather anymore.

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6. Calgary Zoo

Who says you can’t celebrate being an animal lover on your wedding day? A zoo wedding will add sophistication, fun, and uniqueness to your day. One of the best wedding zoo venues we know is The Calgary Zoo in Calgary, Alberta. Exploring St. George’s Island while having a unique encounter with almost 900 animals is a great way for your guests to spend their spare time especially when you are taking your wedding photos. They also have an indoor reception area so the weather is also not a problem at this place. Lastly, having your unique wedding at this place also gives you the chance to make an impact, as the money that you spend will be used to support conservation activities at the zoo and even around the world.


Written by our contributing Blog editor Krizzia Navarroza Scollon