Sawmill Banquet & Catering Centre

Allow us to give you some information about the Sawmill Banquet & Catering Centre, and just what our facility and our team can offer you.

Our Banquet Centre is a multi-functional space, with the ability to accommodate many sizes of groups ranging from 50 to 450 guests for your special day. In addition, we cater to groups of even wider numbers, offering our services to your events of 25 to 5000 guests!

Apart from our fabulous staff, who are always there to ensure your event goes off without any bumps; our greatest strength is the variety of food we offer. Also how we allow you to specifically design your menu to accommodate your tastes and any dietary needs.

We’d love to chat with you! Call us at 780-468-4115 and we would be happy to talk to you more about what we offer, and how we can make it the perfect fit to your perfect day.