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Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for 2018

Vintage designs are dominating wedding fashion. From wedding dresses that recreate the iconic looks from 1920s glamour to receptions infused with vintage décor and elegant cocktails like Moscow Mules and Manhattans, the past holds influence over style, beauty and even ambiance.

For brides who want to pull the past into the present for the most amazing bridal beauty, vintage luxe looks also can—and should!—inspire hair design for the wedding day.

Recreating past popular hairstyles might take a little bit of practice—and the help of a professional—but the final look is so worth the time and effort. To truly channel the elegance of Princess Grace, the beauty of Liz Taylor or even the flapper zeal Clara Bow, the right hairstyle is a must. Get inspired to create your perfect vintage beauty by discovering your ideal style muse from the past. Confidence and comfort is everything when choosing a vintage style, so find the muse who best represents your own personality.

The Graceful Icon

Princess Grace of Monaco was Academy Award-winning actress Grace Kelly before assuming her royal title. She was known for her iconic beauty and her elegant style but won the hearts of a country as she entered into her royal duties as Princess. Grace Kelly’s wedding gown also earned a rightful place of one of the most elegant gowns of royal brides as it exudes glamour and…well…Grace. While no one has really replicated the perfection that was Grace’s wedding gown, you can try to replicate her hairstyle. Opt for a sleek updo…but keep the style elegant and classic.

Flapper Boldness

Flappers of the 1920s were daring and bold…and they didn’t conform to the standards of the time. Today, flapper style is still revered for its allure and slight eccentricity. If you’ve chosen a wedding gown that pulls from the Roaring ‘20s and your personality is inspired by the women of the past who rebelled against conformity, then embrace your flapper beauty. Bobbed hair and pin curls should be your go-to look for beauty. Choose a feathered hairpiece or a beaded headband and say goodbye to the standard veil!

Pin-Up Perfection

The classic pin-up is both Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page. Love this look? Use the pin-up style in make-up and your hair design. Opt for a cat-eye and red lips, and elegant Victory Rolls or sweet baby bangs. Add a floral hairpiece or a vintage birdcage veil for drama.

Swinging Sixties

If the groovy sixties and mod mayhem is more your style, look to beauty icons from the decade. Priscilla Presley’s wedding hairstyle was long and full of volume!  Or opt for Liz Taylor extravagance and decorate a long ponytail with flowers…as she wore her hair for her first marriage to Richard Burton. Yoko Ono, however, chose to wear her hair natural…with a floppy hat standing in for a veil (even better? She wore tennis shoes and knee-high socks!).

Choosing to nod to vintage on your wedding day may mean a vintage-inspired wedding dress or the unique look can fully encompass your entire event…and that includes your reception. Vintage hairstyles can allow you to embrace subtle looks of past decades, or an iconic hair design from the past may highlight the full vintage design of your dress and style. Whatever style you choose for your bridal hair, just be sure the hairstyle is true to your own personality…and you can carry the look with confidence and beauty!

Blog Submitted by Shannon Lochwood