VIP Etiquette – Brush Up Your Etiquette Skills


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Many of us have that one family member with manners so bad we’re left cringing but instead of tucking them into the corner of your seating plan, why not invite them to an etiquette class? Whether you want to brush up on your dining etiquette and look graceful at the dinner table or you want to finesse your social etiquette and wow your peers, certified image consultants and etiquette teachers can show you the skills you need to make the best impression possible.

Jeannie Vaage of VIP Protocol is an Edmonton-based certified corporate etiquette and international protocol consultant who believes you can build relationships by consistently demonstrating the subtle behaviours of good etiquette. Offering classes in corporate and business etiquette, social etiquette, dining, dating and more, Jeannie shares her knowledge of traditional etiquette expectations with fun, modern adaptations. With a classroom environment that encourages active participation and lots of fun, her individual and group classes offer a relaxed environment that is focused on your learning experience, with Jeannie you’ll pick up all of the skills you’ll need to navigate the world with style and class while having a great time!

VIP Protocol’s wedding packages are a fun way to bond with family and friends and will help make your wedding day go smoothly. Don’t worry about having the dining manners of your wedding party on display at the head table, and feel great knowing that the knowledge your loved ones will gain will be useful for the rest of their lives! Visit the VIP Protocol website to learn about the different courses and workshops they offer!