Wedding Cake Trends for 2022

Jan 1, 1970 | Uncategorized

This year, weddings took on a different meaning for me, as I started off 2022 by marrying the love of my life on January 1st!

As a cake designer, I am always practicing the classics, but I like to have my finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest trends. I am always expanding my knowledge to give my customers the option for new and exciting cake designs! When we started planning our wedding, I couldn’t wait to work on the cake, because you know I just HAD to create my own! As you can imagine, in planning my own wedding cake, I delved even further into all things cutting edge in the cake decorating world! After hours of research, I can confidently say, here are 3 tips to keep your wedding cake on point in 2022!


This trend is relatively new and perfect for a wedding in any season! Classy and bohemian, these beautiful additions can be found in many shades and colours leaving a wide variety of options for designers to create unique and beautiful cakes.

The dried flowers and greenery are playful and go well with any type of cake. From individual cakes to 3+ tiered cakes, dried flowers can be the perfect embellishment for each size and shape. They are a beautiful way to add dimension and texture to any creation and can be bright and fun or elegant and classy. The options truly are endless! The best part… they are DRY. This means the chances of your natural flowers looking sad and wilting on your wedding day are ZERO! One less stress to think about on the big day!


Marie Kondo says, “Letting go is even more important than adding”, and I couldn’t agree more!

As brides, sometimes get carried away by all the amazing ideas in our head. We have been dreaming of our wedding for so many years, that when the time comes to start planning, we want EVERYTHING! But, sometimes going minimalist, keeping things simple and adding minimal design features can work in your favour.

Minimalist cakes are quickly becoming some of the most popular wedding cakes out there. They fit any venue, theme, season, or location. If you trust in the right cake designer, you can have a stunning cake that will “spark you joy” on your special day! The simplicity is sometimes more eye catching than a cake with many different design elements. I went with a minimalist design for my wedding cake, and it wowed all my guests!


This is a trend that has started since the pandemic has made our wedding guest counts smaller and our receptions more intimate. Small or individual sizes have become the new way to go as we continue to navigate wedding planning through our “new normal”.

I know, I know…. this is not an easy topic to talk about, especially when it comes to planning our special day, but these types of cakes are a great way to go during these ever-changing times.

From individual cakes that can be put at each place setting to mini cakes that can be set up by table, these types of cakes are safe and convenient. Plus! More cakes give you the ability to order a variety of different flavours to satisfy each of your guests.

As a newly married woman, I would like to add that regardless of the cake, the decorations, the food, or dress, this is one of the most special days of your life. If you have both come this far together it is because you belong to each other. Make sure to enjoy all aspects of the planning, the journey and the sweet moments that happen along the way! Embrace any last-minute changes, everything always turns out the way it should.

Stay safe, sweet and in love.

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