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Wedding Guidance By Artem Lomaz [2018 DJ Times’ “Entertainer of the Year”]

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Once you fully bask in the excitement of being engaged and enjoy some of that “being a fiancé” time, you may enter into the “overwhelmed” phase. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to start planning the big day. You’ll begin to ask yourself, “how do I start?”, “where do I even start”; this is normal.

Below are a few tips to avoid the overwhelming apprehensions, and start your wedding planning process properly, so that you can fully enjoy the process.

Wedding Guidance

Venue Selection

This will be your answer to “where” and “when”. More importantly, it will be the setting to your fairy tale, the background for your celebration photos, and the initial impression made on your guests upon their arrival on the big day. Relish in the opportunity to explore exquisite and exclusive venues and selecting the site that best fits your personalities.

Establish Your Event Expectations

Envision what kind of celebration you’d like and what your guests will enjoy. Wedding celebrations can vary based on cultures, family size, location, weather, and many other factors. Search for those that can create ways to make your celebration special and memorable.


Have your guests walking away with memories of your celebration that they can associate solely to you and your wedding. Whether it’s a guest vocalist, a signature drink, unique favors, or some other element(s), maintain the elegance and traditions of a wedding. Incorporate your personal style into the celebration.

Assemble Your Dream Team

Each wedding professional that you select must share one very specific quality – your optimal comfort level! Schedule consultations with each professional that you are considering. Meet with them face to face (or at the very least video conference if you’re sourcing them from afar). Frequent and open communication that establishes comfort level is well worth the time investment of individual meetings.

Enjoy the Journey

Your wedding is the day that you celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your lives. Your closest friends, family, and selected wedding professionals will be helping you prepare for it along the way. From the initial planning set to the reception’s grand finale and goodbyes, partake in the joy that each moment represents.

BONUS! Stress Relief

Various stresses may impose onto your preparations. But with a plan of action and determined stress relief methods, you will freely continue on your course. Whether it’s yoga, regimented gym sessions, or scheduled spa days with your wedding party, institute various techniques to maintain your positive attitude and celebratory experiences.

About the Author

Artem Lomaz is a multi-award winning event entertainer, public speaker, and entrepreneur. Known for his extreme attention to detail, personalized methodology, and refined performance style, Artem continues to personally cultivate his top-tier event entertainment entity, NinetyThree Entertainment, while in high demand with event planners and selective clientage.