Wedding Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Weddings are joyous celebrations of love and each year there are many distinct trends that can be seen during these celebrations. The wedding industry and its trends are forever evolving with time.

As the new decade arrives, so too come new wedding trends for the year ahead. In the list below we will explore some of the biggest wedding trends that we will see in 2020. There are many new styles, themes, approaches, colours, and details expected to be seen during this year’s celebrations of love.

So whether you are planning your 2020 wedding entirely last minute, or have all the time in the world, the list below will enlighten you on all the latest wedding trends.

1. Sustainable Weddings

Although sustainability is more than a mere trend, these days many couples are putting more effort and thought into sustainable practices for their special day. Green weddings are on the rise and the planet couldn’t be happier! There are many sustainable approaches to weddings that are massively growing in popularity, such as include committing to zero waste, reducing the wedding’s carbon footprint, supporting local and sustainable vendors, banning single-use plastics, and holding the ceremony and reception at one venue. Another great idea is instead of arranging party favours, thank guests by making a donation to a specific charity. Woodhall Manor also suggest sending online invitations, opt for food suppliers who use ingredients that are locally sourced and purchasing a dress that has been pre-loved.

In 2020, more and more of the people involved in bringing weddings to life will shift the way they think and work to favour a more environmentally-friendly approach. So many eco-friendly options have emerged for couples and they will be seen at many weddings throughout 2020.

2. Colourful Weddings 

Colour will be everything in 2020! Expect the new year to bring about fresh pops of colour, exciting palettes, print mixing, and statement hues that weddings haven’t seen before. There is a big shift from traditional palettes and instead, a lot of sunset palettes are to be expected — think rich peaches, deep fuchsia, warm reds, and vibrant corals. Colour will be used boldly and personally. So if you love one particular colour, use it in full force rather than peppering it about sparingly.

Greenery is still highly popular, but this wedding decor trend is getting a colorful makeover in 2020. Spray-painted greenery, branches, and grasses are adding texture and pops of unnatural colour (such as neon, frosted pastels, and metallics) to arrangements and bouquets. Dip-dyed petals are also a new way to add an unexpected and beautiful pop of colour into your decor plans.

3. Bright Weddings

A focus on lighting is another 2020 wedding trend that is set to explode. The fun lighting options that are available these days are endless – from hanging installations, striking chandeliers, to tube lighting and LED bars. Lights will be used for weddings in 2020 to make a statement and enhance the feeling of your special day – such as dancing with a light show or strings of fairy lights in a concentrated area to highlight a specific space. Candlelight is also still on-trend for creating intimate and romantic vibes too.

4. Mystical Weddings

Spiritual and mystical elements are appearing more and more at weddings. Ceremonies are becoming more communal and inclusive with interactive gestures and blessings that involve the guests in the couple’s exchange of vows. Come 2020, more feel-good energy can be expected in weddings, be it in the ceremony, the decor, or the entertainment. Cleansing the energy of wedding venues and honeymoon suits is becoming an essential task on many brides’ to-do lists.

It is also trending to cleanse any gems and stones used in wedding rings. Guests are also now being asked to pass around the wedding rings to imbue them with good energy and well wishes. Spirituality is also entering the wedding world in 2020 through wellness-focused showers and bachelorette events, tablescapes involving raw crystals, and after-party activities like fortunetelling and tarot card reading.

5. Interactive Weddings

Couples are starting to really think about the guest’s experience at their wedding. Creating moments that are memorable is what’s key for 2020 weddings. The reception is no longer about sitting down and eating a three-course meal. Instead, couples are looking to get their guests in on the action and have them take part in some fun, unexpected things. A self-service bar is hugely popular as it gives guests something to do and can save on needing additional bartenders. Interactive and personalised food options creatively served are also becoming more and more popular.