Why You Should Choose a Weekday Wedding

With an increasing number of couples having to postpone their weddings currently, the ever-popular Saturday and Sunday dates are starting to book up for later in 2020 and in 2021. But have you considered hosting a weekday wedding? We promise they can be just as awesome!

According to study results collected by The Knot, 1 in 3 weddings are already being planned for dates outside of weekends, and 21% of couples who were supposed to get married in 2020 are already looking at moving their receptions to a different day of the week.

We’ve compiled some reasons why we think weekday weddings are going to be trending in 2021. Read through to see why you should consider having a weekday wedding yourself.

Top Reasons to Have a Weekday Wedding

Who Doesn’t Love Saving Money?!

Weddings are expensive – we totally get it! But we bet you didn’t know that you could save some money by moving your wedding to a weekday. Many wedding vendors are typically more expensive if you book them for the weekend as opposed to a weekday. Moving your wedding date between Monday and Friday can probably help you stay within or below budget. And more money means more you can invest into other areas, such as your dress, decor, or your honeymoon.

Book Your Dream Vendors

Were you hoping for a specific photographer only to find out they had already booked your wedding date? Because they’re in high demand on weekends, by moving your wedding date to a weekday, you may be able to book that dream vendor. Check with your vendors and see what they can do for you. Some of them may even offer weekday wedding packages at discounted rates.

Keep It Small While Sparing Feelings

Small weddings are fabulous, and we totally understand the romantic, intimate feeling of a small wedding. But these types of ceremonies can be tricky to plan when it comes to family and friends. By booking a weekday wedding, you can possibly avoid offending anyone because family and friends are usually more busy during the week.

Enjoy Your Wedding Night

Because you’re getting married on a weekday, your family and friends are less likely to want to party into the wee hours of the following morning. By choosing a weekday, it’s easier to shut your reception down earlier than on a weekend. When you have an early end time on your reception, you can end up saving money on things like late-night snacks and bar tabs, and you can spend more time with your new husband or wife.

Keep the Party Going

If you choose to get married on a Thursday or Friday, you can keep the party going all weekend! By choosing a weekday ceremony, you can plan to have different social distanced parties with your friends and family over the upcoming weekend. This allows you to enjoy the celebration longer, but will still likely cost less than a traditional reception.

Avoid Events You Don’t Want to Participate In

Are you dreading having to have a rehearsal dinner? What about a gift-opening brunch the day after? By opting for a weekday wedding, you can avoid all the other wedding-related events you didn’t want in the first place! You can also choose to change the format of events. Have a reception brunch or happy hour instead of a formal dinner affair.

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