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Why you should propose if you haven’t already

Why you should propose if you haven't already

It feels like everyone and their dog has gotten engaged recently. Sure, you have been thinking about it, and your girlfriend has been dropping some subtle (and not so subtle) hints hoping you are about to do the same. It is not that you do not want to, you do! But for some reason pulling the trigger is just impossible for you. Maybe it is money, or maybe you are just worried it will start an avalanche effect – wedding, babies, retirement…I’m only 28! Now if you are truly not ready, we respect that (we also suggest you let your girlfriend know where you are at, because if you don’t, she will keep dropping the hints and eventually end up disappointed without a conversation). We figure that a lot of you are ready though. So here’s the push you need!

She loves you. The ring does not matter. Get whatever you can afford (hopefully you have at least saved up a little bit)! The bottom line is, it is a gift and amazingly huge gesture from you – she is going to love it no matter what.

Just because you are getting married does not mean you will be popping kids out immediately, or you will be set on this rollercoaster heading straight to retirement. Getting married is the first step in many, many, MANY steps into the future, yes, but trust us, it is not the beginning of the end of your life. It is the first step in a new beginning. It is a good thing! And once you do it, you will ask yourself over and over what took you so long.


You can do it!

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