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Your Wedding Party Overview

The People In Your Wedding Party

The People In Your Wedding Party: Maid/Matron of Honour

  • Bridesmaids
  • Best Man
  • Groomsmen/Ushers
  • Flower Girl
  • Ring Bearer
  • Father of the Bride
  • Mother of the Bride

Duties Of The Bridal Party

Maid/Matron Of Honour

  • Helps with addressing and stuffing envelopes
  • Keeps a gift record at the shower
  • Arranges the bridal shower
  • Pays for her own wedding attire
  • Helps the bride arrange her train and veil at the altar
  • Holds the groom’s ring until the appropriate point in the ceremony
  • Signs the wedding certificate
  • Stands in the receiving line
  • Helps the bride change her clothes after the reception
  • Takes charge of the bride’s gown after the wedding
  • Is the bride’s best friend through all  of the good and bad.


  • Pay for their own wedding attire
  • Help with the bridal shower
  • Help dress the bride before the ceremony
  • Stand in the receiving line

Best Man

  • Organizes the bachelor party
  • Rents or purchases his own formalwear
  • Drives the groom to the ceremony
  • Holds the bride’s ring until the appropriate point in the ceremony
  • Gives payment cheque to the officiant either just before or after the ceremony
  • Returns the groom’s attire (if rented)


  • Rent or purchase their own formalwear
  • Arrive at the wedding location early to assist with set-up
  • Ushers escort guests to their seats
  • Ushers roll out aisle runner immediately before the processional
  • Help decorate newlyweds’ car

Flower Girl

  • Proceeds down the aisle just before the Maid/Matron of Honour
  • Tosses flower petals down the aisle
  • There can be more than one flower girl. If there is more than one, all of the flower girls would walk down the aisle together.

Ring Bearer

  • The ring bearer precedes the flower girl in the procession.
  • The ring bearer carries the rings down the aisle on the pillow (usually the rings are fake and the maid of honour and best man carry the real rings).

Father Of The Bride

  • Proudly walks his little girl down the aisle.
  • Wonders how he’s going to pay for the wedding

Mother Of The Bride

  • Helps the bride choose her gown
  • Helps the bride select bridemaids’ attire
  • Co-ordinates her own attire with the mother of the groom
  • Works with the groom’s family to assemble a guest list and seating plan
  • Helps address, stuff and mail invitations
  • Helps with the bridal shower
  • Stands at the beginning of the receiving line
  • Assists the bride with all of the arrangements and details of the entire day
  • Provides invaluable emotional support.

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