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The Wedding Planner

In the days and weeks leading up to her wedding, a bride will find that her wedding planner is her new best friend. A powerful resource for any bride, an experienced planner is especially aware of two things: No two brides are alike and the customer is always right (at least most of the time). A very good wedding planner will never dismiss an idea simply because it doesn’t align with her personal taste or because she considers it too zany to include in the wedding festivities. It’s your wedding and it’s her job to implement your wishes. There are exceptions to every rule, however. In extreme cases a wedding planner may have to find the inner gumption to refuse a request, when they find that it just isn’t going to work. This should be a rare exception. A professional wedding planner will provide the reasons for why the request isn’t feasible.

A wedding planner is the bride’s emissary, implementing what the bride envisions, but not the bride alone. The groom’s thoughts and dreams are closely considered, since it’s also his special day. Traditionally, it’s been the bride who runs point with the wedding plans, but it is exceptionally refreshing when the groom is also involved. There are major decisions to be made and with the help of the wedding planner, a couple will enjoy the process while also learning to work together for a common goal. Once the couple is able to relay their desires, the wedding planner sets about making it so. The couple is free to enjoy their engagement and to celebrate with friends and family, since the wedding planner bears the brunt of the stress associated with preparation.


The Challenge

A successful wedding planner could feasibly plan thirty or more weddings a year. Each of those jobs can be a challenge. It requires all of a wedding planner’s awareness to ensure that every detail of the bride and groom’s wishes come together. One planner described it this way.

“It’s physically and emotionally and wonderfully demanding. I get to be on the cutting edge. The most challenging weddings are fun, when the wedding planner can meet every challenge, when hearts are involved and everybody’s happy.”

A great wedding planner works diligently so that the wedding shines with the elements agreed upon by the bride and groom.


Variations and Extremes

A wedding planner recently revealed how seldom she’s had the displeasure of working with a difficult bride. Perhaps this has more to do with an exceptional planner’s perspective rather than a bride’s expectations. Highly professional planners never categorize brides who are a bit demanding by the “B” word. Bridezilla isn’t part of a great wedding planner’s vernacular. A bride who is ultra organized with a lot of ideas might seem demanding, but that bride is often easier to work with as opposed to a wishy-washy bride, since it’s impossible to meet ambiguous expectations. The wedding planner becomes all things to all brides. The planner works diligently in help the bride to cultivate ideas and then mines them to the surface.


The Reward

Weeks of planning come to an end. It’s curtain time and every bit of energy from the last several weeks will explode into this day, this moment in time.

Your wedding will shine with all the elements agreed upon and outlined to the wedding planner in the early days of your engagement, but remember that you can’t plan for the unexpected; so relax and let whatever happens happen.

Sometimes the most memorable and refreshing ceremonies are the ones that go a little bit sideways, when things naturally go how they’re going to go. Embrace the moment.