The Wedding Planner

A complete guide to wedding planning basics—curated by Bridal Fantasy.

A checklist and timeline of wedding preparation, complete with coupons and FAQ’s!

Bring all the details together for your special day – big and small. From when to order your cake to wedding party duties and everything in between, Bridal Fantasy has curated and condensed all of the information you need for your perfect wedding into a single resource.

Want to know how to plan a wedding?

Topics include formalwear, rings, schedules, the all-important wedding checklist and so much more.

You said yes! Now what?

In The Engagement section or the Wedding Planner, we cover all of the next steps including how to make the official engagement announcement!


Yes, you can have a big day on a budget! From florals to furnishing, your happiness should be the bottom line.


Pack everything in without missing a beat. The timeline is the definitive tool for wedding planners looking to make every second count.

Wedding Style

If you can dream it, you can do it. Explore timeless and novel style options for decor, dresses, and everything in-between.

Photography + Videography

Capture every memory and relive every highlight. With proper wedding photography and videography, you can live the magic over and over again.

Cooking up the perfect wedding cake?

Make your centrepiece a piece of cake! Click to cut into what a cake means for your wedding and everything you can do to make it perfect to the last bite.

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