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Feb 2, 2023 | Honeymoon, Wedding Planning, Wedding Tips, Wedding Trends

Let’s face it; in 2023, stay-at-home weddings are a little dull, aren’t they? They may have been a necessity during those dreadful Covid years. However, as the world returns to normal more and more couples are looking to escape the mundanities of home and instead adding a bit of adventure to The Big Day. Fortunately, planning the perfect destination wedding has never been easier thanks to organizations like Champagne Weddings and Travel who have kindly collaborated with the Bridal Fantasy Group to give some expert advice on exactly why your wedding should be celebrated abroad.    

Combine as a Holiday or Honeymoon

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Traditional weddings can be stressful. A destination wedding, however, is literally a vacation. Look at your destination wedding as an opportunity to travel somewhere exotic with the love of your life.

The fact that you’ll be saying your vows on this vacation will only make it that much more memorable. Or, perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for the two of you to return to that perfect place you’d once been but hadn’t got around to revisiting. For the particularly selfless couples, maybe there’s somewhere that certain family members have always wanted to visit but never got the chance; choosing this location could grant your loved-one that elusive once-in-a-lifetime holiday with your wedding as the perfect centrepiece. 

Reduce Your Stress Levels

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Remember, it’s a holiday! Sure, there will be some i’s to dot and t’s to cross but nothing like a stay-at-home wedding. You can eliminate having to meet with all your different vendors and instead use either your destination wedding planner or the resort itself as a one-stop-shop to eliminate all the cumbersome aspects around planning your wedding.

If by some small chance things start getting a little too hectic, simply step outside to take in the sights and sounds of the location you chose as the setting for one of the most important scenes in your love story. 

Keep the Celebration Going

Why celebrate eternal bliss for just one single night? Instead, spend a week or two with all your favourite people in an exotic locale. The memories you make in the days both preceding and succeeding the actual ceremony could become just as memorable as the wedding itself, giving you and your spouse a lifetime of moments to remember rather than just a traditional ceremony and reception back home.

Plus, think about all the amazing photos you’ll cultivate over the course of this time that you can (and will) look back on for the rest of your lives.  

Save Some Money

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You read that right; latest industry data indicates that brides and grooms can save up to 40 per cent on the cost of a wedding when saying their vows abroad. Even the seemingly added expense of a destination wedding planner can actually wind up saving you money in the long run as these experts will know exactly how to maximize every dollar (or peso, or euro, etc.) spent and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

It almost sounds too good to be true; a built-in vacation, a unique, exotic location and a cost-effective wedding with the love of your life on whatever part of the globe you choose.

Destination weddings can be a lot more feasible than you may have originally thought. If you and your fiance have the travel bug, than a destination wedding might be the perfect plan for you!

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